Dave Nitsche

Dave Nitsche profile pictureHi I’m Dave.

I picked up a camera about 9 years ago and it’s been one wonderful experience after another. What started as “I need a camera to take some family pictures” turned into a life altering moment.
I’ve always been in the arts in one form or another and I found out quickly that photography can be incredibly expressive and emotive.

One winter (early in my photographic journey) I decided to go into the basement and try some still life stuff… Just the normal stuff you always see, fruit, plates, cutlery but nothing special at all.
One day I started shooting glass and the world opened up to me. I loved the feeling I got from it. As time went on, and I became more and more obsessed, I started putting my life into some of the shots. I would shoot images based on my life experiences and hoping that people would understand the way I think.

The next huge leap for me was figuring out how to stop motion. I’m not a classically trained photographer and basically learned it all on my own so it was trial and error but once I understood flash duration I was completely in.
Liquids came into my process about 5 years ago and a lot of my shots are based around them. They are so much fun to work with… More ‘ah ha!’ moments have happened thru the years and I hope to be able to share a bunch of them with you here in the time to come!

Find more about me here:

Portfolio: www.davenitsche.com
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