Genia Larionova

Genia Larionova

Hi, I am Genia.
I am a digital artist and a retoucher who is passionate about Photoshop. I help photographers add the last, but very important touch to their photos. Helping them transform their pictures into masterpieces.

I am writing my blogs and books to inspire people and motivate them to start creating things. . You can visit my blogs at and to get more ideas.

My Core Values:

  • Use positive psychology to help myself and others reach full personal potential.
  • Be free, independent and live my own life.
  • Raise my children to be intelligent, creative and independent.
  • Be inspired, creative and open-minded.
  • Be honest, determined and persistent.
  • Enjoy life and feel good about myself. (thanks Tim Ferriss)
  • Build exciting and inspiring relationships with like-minded people.
  • Try everything, use all opportunities, and take chances.
  • Work and learning should bring joy and pleasure, and/or be exciting.
  • Create value with simplicity. Do not over complicate things.

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