DIY LED Lighting for Studio Photography: What you can do with $30 LED bulbs

I am creating a set of video tutorials to help those photographers who are just getting started in studio still photography, those that do not have fancy and expensive studio strobes, soft-boxes and other seems-to-be-required equipment.

This is the first video, where I show how easy and useful $30 LED lights can be for a studio photographer.

The concept is not new, and many Photigy photographers shared awesome shots created without any professional equipment (just look at what was posted on FB like Photigy FB group). But I continue to see how fellow photographers struggle to get acceptable still life shots using speedlites, and I am sure what I’ve demonstrated here in this video will help them a lot.

This is the first video. There’s more to come! Very soon we are going to release a program on Photigy, aimed at beginners in studio photography, and you can be among the first to receive the new lessons.
Let’s watch this 11 minutes video first:

Save money with DIY LED lighting:

DIY LED Lighting for Studio Photography: What you can do with $30 LED bulbs


This is the image I created during the demonstration:

DIY LED lighting for studio photography



Below are the images of the lighting setup – in case you have trouble viewing the video.


LED for studio photography setup2


Close-up crop of tulips. Pretty nice:-)






Diffusion material (best for DIY diffuser and reflectors)
Savage Translum Diffusion (54" x 18')


Socket – stand connector for LED Lights:
Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 5.48.44 PM



1392163005_messagebox_warningImportant: when you’ll buy LED bulbs, make sure all of them exactly the same color temperature: I suggest to buy same brand.
3000K is ok, 5000K is better – get same batch, same brand.
Even little difference in color temperature will ruin any shot!

How to build DIY diffusers:

Where to buy these LED lights? Below are few locations I found online:




Amazon, $10: (thanks Howard!)


question-oneHave a question? Lets discuss this on the forum: Hacking a Studio Lighting

Watch other videos form the series here:

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About The Author: Alex Koloskov

The lighting magician, owner of AKELstudio, Inc.

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