Jewelry Photography tutorial posted: shooting a silver bracelet

Creative Jewelry Photography with liquid

As you see, the image is not a “pure” jewelry shot, but a creative one. However, in the tutorial I concentrated on specifics and tips&tricks of shooting the bracelet, without spending too much time for the liquid part of the shot. For the liquids, look up here.

I’ve used a different format of doing the tutorial: instead of talking in the studio, I was capturing the screen while opening RAW files of the bracelet and explaining how each highlight and reflection was created, and referencing to the video of the lighting setup captured during the shot.

Below are few screenshots from the video tutorial:

Explaining how and why each reflection on the bracelet was formed

Video tutorial of jewelry photography

Going through RAW files from the shot

Jewelry Photography video tutorial preview

Jewelry Photography video tutorial preview


Going really close to get into tiny details of the lighting and reflections

Jewelry photography educational video screenshot


Talking about the lighting

Explaining the lighting: jewelry photography walk-through tutorial


[ois skin="Jewelry Photography"]


Doing the tutorial this way allowed me to show the most important things in jewelry photography, and concentrate on all the aspects of working with jewelry pieces. This particular technique will work not only for a bracelet, but for many other types of jewelry subjects. As usually, I’ve used the example to show the technique, and you have to think yourself how to adapt it to make it work for a similar, but not the same subjects.

We did not include a post-production for this shot here, Genia Larionova is working on a series of tutorials for jewelry, they will be posted on Pro Corner as well.

Here is a direct link to a tutorial for our premium members: Jewelry Photography tutorial: silver bracelet.

All the best, and never stop learning!

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Jewelry Photography tutorial: silver bracelet

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