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I started my liquid photography with no money. I am talking zero dollars. And I had no photography and business experience. I also had no photography-related education.

The only thing I did have back then was a burning desire to have my own business. And I had one other thing – I had bought my first Canon film camera on my first in-store credit card in my life.

It was long time ago, but it got me started on my own business and a lifestyle that I couldn’t have even dreamed of back then.

You can do this too!

Believe me, no matter where you are today, I did not have anything up on you when I started my business.

I created a “Liquid Photography Essentials” pack, stuffed with a variety of simple, easy to follow tutorials (our best ones!), behind the scene videos and e-books.

It includes everything you need to know about studio tabletop photography, from the equipment for hi-speed photography to the lighting techniques and DIY solutions. You will learn fast, easy and with passion: same as I did, but much faster.

You will not be alone; join our community by submitting your work for a Photigy weekly reviews and Q&A sessions, test your skills by participating in our assignments!


The most unique thing about this package is the support I provide to my students.

You can submit your shots while progressing through the tutorials to Photigy’s “Submit your work” forum, and I’ll review, critique, and suggest how to improve your results. I do this absolutely free, and every week I post these videos to Photigy Live.
Who else provide such support for their products? 

Rest assured, I will always help you where you need me. 


 Liquid Photography essentials pack



Here are some samples of the things you will learn in this Liquid Photography pack:

  • Discover what equipment is good for hi-speed liquid photography: which lighting systems are good and which are not, and why
  • How to shoot different types of liquid: clear, colored, and completely non-transparent, and what the difference is in how to highlight them.
  • Learn how to shape unique splashes, and how to catch the right moment
  • Find out how to simulate different types of liquids: milk, chocolate, etc
  • Learn how to create a composite shot, how to combine separate photos into one mind-blowing composition
  • Learn Photoshop techniques on how to manipulate with shots of liquid



Price: $185

This Product Is Not Available for Purchase


 Look at everything that’s in the pack:

Mastering Splash Masterclass

Mastering Splash Masterclass

We call it a masterclass, not a workshop and there is a good reason for this. To me a ‘masterclass’ is a short, but powerful insider look at everything it takes to create a masterful photo.

This masterclass is different and unique from what you’ve seen before. I’ll show you how to create images that are true portfolio worthy masterpieces, not just an average “nice photo” you’d expect to see from a workshop. This masterclass will show you how to get the true WOW shot. The one that gets you hired.

You’ll learn how to create an outstanding photo, but you will also learn how to access your own remarkable vision so you can go home with the skills to create even more amazing imagery. To get a better idea what of our technique, you can take a look at the images below. I’ll show you how to create an AD shot of the real product “wrapped” by liquid splash. In other words, I’ll show you how we utilize a splash to get a remarkable shot of the product. The shot you’d expect to see on a magazine cover.

Learn more about this e-book: Mastering Splash Masterclass

The Making Of: Dior Hyrda Creme shot

Making of: Dior Hydra Splash shot

In this 32 minute video we have recorded the whole process of creating the shot: tries and failures, research, and the steps of developing the shooting technique. The video was taped during the actual shoot, meaning you’ll see the real thing, not a staged “after job done” type of  BTS.

We also included an explanation of Post Production process. Not an actual 10+ hours post production, but a quick video of the final PSD layered file explained. You’ll see each piece we used for this composite shot, how each was layered and how adjusted.


Video length: 32 min
File size: 510Mb

BTS: Making of Godiva shot

Making of: The Godiva shot

This Behind The Scene tutorial includes two videos, and covers both parts of the shot: Shooting the bottle and the liquid splash.You will learn how to shoot liqueur bottles, why and how large format cameras are used in product shots, as well as how to capture liquid splashes.

File size: 340Mb

BTS: the beer shot

Liquid Tutorial: The beer shot

This video is a behind the scene of the beer shot (more info about
the shot is here). In this 15 minutes video I explain all the
details of the shot, showing how the lighting setup was built and what
was done wrong and what was right, showing results of each iteration on
the actual photos.

Video length: 15min
file size: 228Mb

BTS: Making of Godiva shot

Liquid Photography Tutorial #2: Art of creating free floating splashes

This video is a behind the scene of creating “C” shaped splashes,
how to create them repeatedly without much efforts. Such “C” shaped
splashes will work great for many kind of product and advertisement
shots: it is easy to wrap them around a subject, crating swirl-like

Video length: 13min
file size: 220Mb

Photographig Liquids: tutorial #1

Liquid Photography Tutorial #1

This video is a detailed walk-through of creating the image you
see on the cover. The image is quite simple, just a drop of perfume
bottle in the water. However, I tried to show you the whole process of
creating such shot, with my thoughts and the troubleshooting of the

Video length: 19min
file size: 512Mb
BTS: Making of Godiva shot

The Making of: Splash Gardens

While preparing the Godiva liqueur shot we tried shooting with
many different liquids, including water colored by fabric dye. During
that particular photoshoot I was developing different techniques for
splash shapes and learning how to consistently throw them. We’ve got
hundreds of different colored splashes.

PDF + embed video (length: 10 min)
File size: 122Mb


Also, you’ll get 5 videos including Q&A sessions from my online course, “Practical Guide to Liquid Photography” as a free bonus!




Practical Guide to Liquid Photography
  • Liquid Photography, part one: the Equipment.

    You will learn what equipment is good for liquid photography and why

  • Choosing the right strobe: flash duration explained

    In this video I demonstrate the difference between hi-speed studio strobes like Einsteins, Canon hot-show Speedlites and White Lighting strobe Monolights. You will se the difference in how each can freeze the splash.

  • Conclusion

    In this video I summarize what we have learned, you will watch this after all tutorials I have included in this pack.
  • Questions and Answers Live session #1

    My Live Q&A session with students, where they were asking questions about liquid photography tutorials I have here.
  • Hi-speed triggers for ANY flash: Fake or Real?

    My opinion about hi-speed triggering systems available on the market.

And here is one more gift for you:


20 Amazing Liquid Wallpapers for all devices, including Retina displays 

(click to see in full screen)


You’ll receive a full set of walpaper sizes for all posible devices:  

  • Retina displays of newest Mac laptops and iPad 3: 2880×1800 px;
  • For iPad 3 (retina display) and future hi-res tablets: 2048×1536 px
  • Older Mac/s PC displays: 1920×1200 px;
  • Android and iPhone 1024×1024 px;


What photographers say about my courses:

..Five hours went as fast as one with lots of details of liquid splash photography
Even if I am not not ready to practice splashes today, I finally got answers to dozen of questions about setting lights, adjusting power and exposure, and so on.
It was not my first workshop, but most productive and “eye opener”.
I’m looking forward for next class…
~Alex Below 

Thank you, Alex, for wonderful work, the Splash Masterclass was amazing and extremely informative, I have learned so much! I had no idea of behind the scenes work involved in splash-liquid photography, and your experience and techniques are high professional. Thank you for providing all the information starting with equipment and ending with all the other gadgets used to create the outstanding splash photo.
~ Aiva Gabrielaityte




Not convinced yet? Here is the last thing for you:

100% satisfaction guarantee at photigyWe offer 30 day money back guarantee policy, meaning you can try this Essentials pack for 30 days, without risking your money!

Our guarantee is true and is therefor the benefit of photographers who decide for one reason or another that the my lessons has not helped them to develop their photography skills.




Take this opportunity, and act now. Invest in yourself!

Price: $185

This Product Is Not Available for Purchase

Note: everything in this package is delivered by instant download as a separate files (there is no DVD)

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