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I love that you share your incredible knowledge and love of photography by showing how you do these incredible works of art! Pure brilliance. I am a huge fan and can’t wait to get your book. I was wondering if I sent it to you could I get it autographed? If you don’t have time I understand. I was shocked to see how many commercial shots you did in one session. You deserve every dollar that comes your way and I hope someday I can be half as good as you. Thanks Alex for being yourself and keeping it real!!
~Brett Spinning, owner BrettSpinningPhotography

Finally, I couldn’t resist and signed up for pro corner. After watching the first couple of tabletop photography video lectures I was really impressed by how good these sessions are. Alex gives you the fundamentals of studio photography such that you will save tons of time suffering through trial and error and will have the foundation to tackle more complex shots.
~Terry Berman

I just got to know your from our teacher in the photographic class. I must say your work really puts my mouth fall on the ground and my eyes are as big as basketballs :)
Before I’ll actually try to follow you live, I’ll first try to catch up where your tutorials start and see how far I can go with that!
Anyway, keep up the great work, it is a-m-a-s-i-n-g!!
Regards from Belgium!


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