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Photigy Live: How to Shoot Silverware, weekly photography assignment

How to shoot silverware, a studio photography bi-weekly assignment.

Thank you Nikolas-Adam Manaios,Curtis Hustace, Mikael Magnusson, Pawel Pie, Barry MacKenzie and Ina G for contributing your image for this assignment. As usual, you did a very creative and inspiring job. I enjoyed reviewing your shots.

Lets see these awesome silverware images:

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The lighting setup from these shots as well as discussions and shooting specs are here: Weekly Assignment forum.

Here is the video with photo critique and fee demo shots (online broadcast was 11/29/2012):



As usual, it is a good idea to check google images to see how people photograph the subject: Silverware.


Live demo breakdown:

I did a quick demonstration of how to approach this type of shots, did it using only one light and one diffuser panel. The lighting setup I’ve used:

How to Shoot Silverware

In this particular one I’ve adjusted the light to create sharp gradient and reflections. Did it by moving light source closer to the diffuser. Watch the video photography tutorial for a full explanation.


Few examples of silverware photos from the shots I did during this episode:

The difference in each shot was only in the position of the stripbox behind the diffuser. The main idea of this demo was to show how important to create a gradient not only on spherical surfaces like spoons and forks, but on a flat knife blades.
It was missed by several photo assignment participants.

studio photography earn from a pro free lessons by alex-koloskov

studio photography earn from a pro free lessons by alex-koloskov

silverware photography in studio learn from examples



The Winner of this assignment:

Mikael Magnusson

Mikael Magnusson shot

 Congratulations, Mikael! You won a private consultation with me, I’ll get back to you with the details soon. 



The Next Assignment (deadline 12/13/2012):

Textured subject like a bag or purse . Lets shoot a purse, fine women’s purse. Make sure to show the texture as good as possible, so the viewer will feel it, alost like when touching. Go creative, but think more about the product, approach it like an art director of an advertisement  project.

Submit on the forum (topic to be created)

All the best!

The Video on Youtube How to shoot silverware in studio product photography

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