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Several days ago we had a chance to do a photoshot for  good friend of ours, Lana Kravtsova ( She is  true positive thinker and highly motivated business coach  as well as a great model:-) I was surprised how easy it was to work with her.
She was needed a few headshots for social media and business card, and I’ve  used lighting to  show her bright personality.

Studio lighting for a business portrait
Business portrait in a studio, straight shoot

Studio portrait, second look
Studio portrait, second look

After we were done with mandatory part, I’ve asked for a few casual shoots with her son  and they come up really nice:

Studio family portrait
Studio family portrait

Lighting setup was simple  yet highly functional for what I needed: One straight source (beauty dish) from top-front, two  spot beams (20 degree honey combs)  from the behind to highlight her hair.  10 degree spot on left side  making a spot on a backdrop to create a halo around model’s head. later I’ve added a reflector on the left (not shown on a lighting schema image) to slightly reduce shadow cast.

The beauty dish was covered with diffusion sock to make more even light spread.

Lighting setup for studio business portrait
Lighting setup for studio business portrait

Let me know what do you think, would be glad to see your ideas for such photography :-)

21 Responses on Photographing business portrait: the light and model"

  1. jacek koperkiewicz says:


    thanks for sharing with light setup. could you tell us how big is your beauty dish, please? maybe in the future you will do lesson in pro-corner with model and this kind of setup, I hope:) learning from you is clear pleasure

    best regards


  2. mark klein says:

    Thanks for sharing. Your posts always add something to my work. Can you tell me the width of the seamless paper you are using. My thanks.

  3. Great setup, looks a lot like Jill Greenbergs Setup! Solid!

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