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Product Photography Tutorial: BTS of Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanille shot

Hey guy’s. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Joshua Geiger (GeigerFoto) and I am a commercial product photographer from Atlanta. I also work with Alex in studio and during some of his live workshops. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to photograph a bottle of Tom Ford Cologne that will be used for a fictitious ad. I actually created the original image for my portfolio and thought it would make a good tutorial, so I re-created the image over at Alex’s studio and recorded the process for you guy’s to watch.

Product Photography Tutorial: BTS 

We’ll go step-by-step from planning the shot to saving out the clean, final image. I’ll only be using 2 lights for this shot to illustrate the lack of a requirement for tons of high end lighting and modifiers.

Here’s the original image of a Tom Ford cologne bottle that we’ll be recreating:

Product Photography tutorial by Joshua Geiger

Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanille


Camera & Lens



The Shoot:

Here’s the video of the entire shoot from start to finish. I wanted to try to re-create the original images as best as possible, so you’ll notice that about half way through the shoot, I re-arrange the lighting setup. This was mostly to give myself more room to maneuver around the set. I’m not used to those big heavy c-stands Alex uses now.

Behind The Scene Video Tutorial:


To watch this product photography video lesson (57 minutes), use any of 2 options below:




Post Production Video:

In this post production video, we’ll cover the entire process of retouching our image. We’ll clean the image, make some adjustments, resize and sharpen for the web. Post-production is almost as important as the shooting process itself. Of course, without shooting the product, we wouldn’t have anything to work on, but you could shoot the most beautiful image ever but the post-production will make or break the photo.

To watch this post-production video (49 minutes), use any of 2 options below:



If you guy’s have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post a comment below or feel free to shoot me an email anytime. Thanks!

About The Author: Joshua Geiger

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, I began my early career in the graphic/visual design industry working with local agencies and clients like Yahoo!, UPS, PepsiCo, MasterCard and ATT. After a decade of design, I made the move into Commercial Product Photography and haven't looked back.  With my new found love, I have had the great pleasure of working with new Fortune 500 and Inc. 250 clients like EndoChoice, Inc and Anisa International among others. When I'm not working or playing in the studio, you can either find me in the back yard shooting archery, in my other studio making 6 fold neckties, or reading and watching videos on metaphysics, esoteric history, spirituality, politics and basically anything I can get my hands on to expand knowledge of myself and the outside world. Do I have "down-time"? No, not really. lol - You can also find me @ Geiger Foto and Workbook.com

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8 comments to Product Photography Tutorial: BTS of Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanille shot

  • Joshua Geiger I am new on pro corner ! Great Tutorial, very complete !

  • luke albert


    There are no videos on this page, I would really like to watch them.


  • Joshua, congrats for the tutorial, it was fun to watch haw obvious is that this is your firs video tut :)(no offence)
    I liked that you stick to a simple lighting, I believe is great to add haw did you came out with the concept did you make some sketches or you tried to combine the elements of the bottle with props.
    And I have a personal question, I have D800, I use capture pro but my live view is not working. do you have idea why?

    • Thanks. Yes, this was my first “on camera” tutorial. I actually have a bit of experience teaching, but none in front of multiple cameras. But hey, they’ll get better. As far as coming up with the concept goes, I had a totally different concept I wanted to shoot. I wanted to carve some dense foam to look “rock-like” so I could then gold leaf the entire thing and wedge the bottle in a crevasse in the “gold rock/large nugget”. I couldn’t get this to look right though without a ton of work which I just didn’t have the time for. But I knew I still wanted to use gold leaf. So, I had to come up with another set-up that wasn’t as much work but would still provide the luxurious feel to the image. I tried three different set-up’s and this was the best looking. :)

      When tethered to CapturePro with your D800, the Live View won’t work on the back of the camera. You’ll have to use the Live View built into CaptureOne. If that’s what you are already trying to do, and the Live View won’t work… Try to update CaptureOne and/or update the firmware on your D800. – Thanks!

  • I find you did not mention about the grid on the light, or I missed?

    • I might not have mentioned it in the video. I apologize. The 10 degree grid is on the light for the cap, and the 20 degree grid is on the light for the bottle. Of course, depending on your lights, a grid might not be necessary. Some people might use snoots of varying sizes or even other creative home-made solutions to shape the light.

      Also, I didn’t provide any specific information on light power settings. This is because it isn’t needed. Everyone’s set-up/subject is different and I don’t believe these numbers would be relevant. And as you saw, I wasn’t even paying attention to the light power settings when working through the shot. I went completely off of what provided the look I was after. So, I left them out. :)

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