Silverware Photography: Behind the scene video

This was our shot for a PHOTIGY Live assignment called “Funny Silverware“. The result and BTS are below. I’ve decided to switch from boring tutorial-like BTS videos to a more interesting and funny hi-speed compilations.

The final silverware shot

 Silverware photography by alex koloskov at photigy

Behind the scene video

Those who is looking for the info on how the shot was done will be able to find it, as I have a full lighting setup captured. However, such funny video alone will be more likely shared (check out our “How Google was made” BTS viede: over 25K views combined in a few days with no single world in it!) .
More detailed and advanced videos and tutorials is posted on  “Pro Corner” of PhotigY

We found ourselves leaning more and more towards educational side of photography: We like to create tutorials much more than to shoot for a client.s This means we’ll be concentrating on producing hi-quality lessong and tutorials for a Pro Corner and Photigy online store, and will be doing more interesting and funny stuff here.

Enjoy and share if you like it:-)

BTW, to learn more about how to shoot glossy stuff, check out this e-book:

Tabletop Product photography e-book

Price: $95

Tabletop Product Photography in examples

It explains subject as well as it’s post-production in details.

About The Author: Alex Koloskov

The lighting magician, owner of AKELstudio, Inc.

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2 comments to Silverware Photography: Behind the scene video

  • Thanks for sharing that video Alex. I love watching the quick version of the process from start to finish.I do like seeing the slowed down technical as well when you talk through the lighting but for a quick overview this is brilliant.

    What did you use to record the video with? Was that just your video camera and you just sped up the film when you processed it or was that your still camera on interval timer?

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