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Skin Retouching Tutorial: Portrait with Google Glass

This is a skin retouching tutorial from Genia Larionova recorded for photographers for Photigy Pro Corner community. Genia demonstrated  an easy and quick way to enhance and saturate a texture of the subject, using my self-portrait as an example.

We included a full video (20 minutes) and original camera RAW and edited PSD (with layers) file to download and practice. This is not what we usually do, and I hope you guys like it. This is not a product photography, but the technique will work for any textured subject like fabric, leather, etc…

Below are before and after images, including close to 100% crop. Enjoy (or join and enjoy)


 Skin Retouching Tutorial: before and after

Skin Retouching Tutorial, beforeSkin Retouching Tutorial, after

 Skin Retouching Tutorial: before and after, close-up crop


 Skin Retouching Tutorial: The Video/span>


Skin Retouching Tutorial video

To watch this video and download source files, please login or join Pro Corner:





Soon I’ll share BTS video of how this portrait was captured in 5 minutes. It will be fun and a surprise, stay tuned!

About The Author: Alex Koloskov

The lighting magician, owner of AKELstudio, Inc.

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