Studio Photography Contest: Still life featuring a seasonal Liqueur (December 2013)

Studio Photography Contest: Seasonal Liqueur (Ended)

This Contest Has Ended. To see the Judges’ Review, the contest submissions, and the winners please see our winners announcement article. 

We are glad to announce a new contest sponsored by and the Photigy team!
Details below:




The theme of this contest is: Still life featuring a seasonal Liqueur.

This contest is aimed at non-professional photographers – mainly those who have to improvise with DIY solutions to overcome the limitations of their current equipment, but of course anybody can participate.

With christmas coming up in huge steps, it’s time to prove your creativity and create a nice, advertising-style still life image which features some kind of alcoholic beverage that fits the christmas-time mood.

Maybe you want to come up with a classical shot, or perhaps you’re going for a more creative approach?

Many different feelings get connected with christmas-time – Try to communicate one or more of them clearly, and create a very moody shot that’s interesting to look at.



Images must be submitted to the Photigy contest forum by 12:00 PM Eastern Time US December 31st.
The winner will be announced between January 2nd and 5th during a public G+ Hangout with our judges.



Alex Koloskov, Genia Larionova, Dave Nitsche, Timothy Kou, Joshua Geiger and Florian Hartmann will review all images and pick the ones they feel represent the theme of a seasonal liquor the best and/or most creatively.
There will also be a community choice - voted by the community using the forums star-system.



First prize:
$150 worth of equipment from* + any Photigy educational product (see e-store) worth up to $200

Second prize:
$50 worth of equipment from* + any Photigy educational product  (see e-store worth up to $100

Third prize:
Honorable mention + any Photigy educational product  (see e-store) worth up to $50

Community choice winner:
Honorable mention and all the glory of photographer’s world:-)

 * Selection of the prizes will be limited to specific brands listed on

This is a world-wide contest and is open to anyone! We promise to ship B&H prizes to any part of the world and all Photigy tutorials are digitally delivered.

Please submit your images to this topic by clicking the “Enter Contest” button at the bottom of this article.
Registration is required and it is free.



  • Must be shot in a studio or studio-like environment – the lighting setup and/or behind the scenes image has to be provided and explained.
  • Images must be a minimum of 900 pixels horizontally or 750 pixels vertically depending on orientation of image.
  • Image must be new and not created prior to the announcement of this contest, and also cannot be published anywhere else before it has been uploaded to Photigy for the contest.
  • Images must contain camera Exif data so we can validate the date taken.
  • Naming convention of image should be username_imagetitle.jpg
  • Only one entry per contestant. Post your best image!



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Good luck to all and have joyful holidays!!!

This Contest Has Ended

See the Submissions and the Winners Here

About The Author: Florian Hartmann

I'm a mediadesigner with about 13 years of photoshopping experience. Now, I'm community manager and admin for Photigy, too. You can also find me on 500px:

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9 comments to Studio Photography Contest: Still life featuring a seasonal Liqueur (December 2013)


    sir i am also a big fan of photography…..
    can I enter in this contest….?
    how would I send my pics to you sir please tell me sir +Alex Koloskov 

  • Hi Alex, how can i know if the exif data goes with the photo when I submit it. Thanks Mario (Fotocorus)

    • Marios,
      Do not worry, just upload the image you’ll get: lighting setup will be enough to show that you did this shot for this contest. wish you good luck!

    • Flo

      Hey Mario,
      you can just have a look at the Files’ information – on a Mac, just select the file and hit “cmd + i” (I don’t know what the shortcut on a PC is – has been a while since I used one, just right-click on the file and select “Properties”), there’ll be some camera data listed, if the Exif-data is embedded.
      You can also open your file in Photoshop and select File>File Info… there’ll be a long list of data – the only one of interest is the “Camera data” tab though.

  • Tyson

    Quick question… For the file name convention, do you mean “username” as in the name we us to log in, or do you mean the name that is displayed with our forum posts, etc? For example, I log in with the username “teknishn” but all my activity on the forums shows my name “Tyson Sommer”. Or will either one work?

    Sorry… I am a stickler for details! ;-)

  • Ok, so this is gonna be my first entry at all here at Photigy ! Just want to shout it out load so that I can’t go hiding and not submit, haha…
    Now I’ll watch tutorials and then I go create. Please, slap me if I don’t…

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