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Studio Photography Insights #8: shooting watches

This is our 8th hangout, and this time it lasted for two hours. It looks like we may not be able to review all the submissions during hangout in a future: Instead, we’ll be dividing submitted image to groups and will be selecting one from each. Each one from the selection will represent most common mistakes or/and techniques, so we won’t be repeating the same critique for every shot.
But again, everything will depends from the amount of the images submitted for a review.

Now, the video from the hangout. Almost 2 hours, but I am sure you’ll find lot of interesting things for you: we were discussing solutions and approaches on how to shot shiny subject, gemstones, etc. Watches are jewelry…

Studio Photography Insight #8:

So, the next assignment would be a creative (we always need to shoot creative, isn’t it?:) splash, any liquid type and subjet can be used. However, the most important that final image should bring emotion to the viewer.
When looking, we should feel something more than just a joy from a perfectly executed shot.  It may not be easy, but this is what sells. People need to be emotionally involved when looking at the shot. For better explanation form Dave Nitsche see the end of the hangout.
Submit your work on the forum: Emotionally charged splash: deadline 03/14

Now, instead of selecting “the best” we’ll have all the submissions featured here. I want you to decide it for yourself, what is the best what is not. And if you are interested on how a particular shot was done and who did it, just dig in our forum: most of the images has the lighting setup posted there.

Weekly assignment results:

[scrollGallery id=2]

Get tech info for each shot here.

Now, grab your creativity and go for the next assignment!


About The Author: Alex Koloskov

The lighting magician, owner of AKELstudio, Inc.

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