Water Photography Setup:-)

Water Photography Setup


I have decided to try micro-stock agencies, like and I loaded several photos, mostly water splashes I did a while ago. So far is the best as it started to produce revenue from the first day. It was much, but considering that I have just a few photos there, it looks promising.

So, it appeared that I need to have more water waves, splashes, etc in my portfolio. I do not have hi-speed flashes like Broncolor pulse (yet:-) , so I found a very simple but still very good solution: 3 canon dedicated flash units with remote trigger:

We have shot hundreds of the photos, hopefully there will be at least 10-15 good ones:-)
However, the result was quite acceptable:

My water photography setup: It was a really messy setup:

Lighting setup for water splash photography

Lighting setup for water splash photography

Total 3 canon speedlites: 2x 580EX, one 430 EX.  Camera was set to 1/250 sec shutter speed, f 8.

I found that FP mode gives a longer flash duration comparing to a normal sync: just need to be sure speedlites not working on a full power. ISO 200 did help a little with this…

Few more water splash images  the same setup:

water splash, aquarium and hi-speed strobes used

water splash, aquarium and hi-speed strobes used

About The Author: Alex Koloskov

The lighting magician, owner of AKELstudio, Inc.

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