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This is Review & Critique from “Submit your work” forum, recorded 11/26/2012


Contributors of this week:

Aleksander Lenart, Patric Bergkvist, Barry MacKenzie, Peter Dudek, Andy McLaughlin, Pawel Pie and Paweł Brzozowski. 
Thank you guys!

Reviewed Photos:

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As usual, if you want to see the lighting setup and shots conditions and discuss it with authors, go here: Submit your work forum.


 Review and Critique video (watch for announcements):


Please remember, that now the shot of the lighting setup is required when you post your work for the review and critique. 

Do not forget our weekly assignment: silverware shots. Submit your work here.

Got a question? Submit it here: Potigy Q&A forum


I’ve created two forums, dedicated to our awesome photographers who bought “Liquid Photography Essentials Pack” and “Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials Pack” and as well as individual products. Please post your questions related to techniques and solutions you’ll find in these e-books and videos as well  as your images for my critique and review. Below are the links to these forums:

Lets learn together!


P.S That stuff for sale:

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