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7 Inspirational and Educational Photography Videos: January Edition

7 Inspirational and Educational Photography Videos: January Edition

Each month we’ll provide a list of videos that we think would interest product photographers of all levels. Below are the findings for January. Enjoy!



Product Photography: Planning, Setup, Shoot, Post Processing, to Publishing

by Forrest Tanaka


This video will show the steps from the idea to the final publishing on the web. It shows a short informative run down of the steps involved, some of the problems encountered as well as solutions to them. The aspiring product photographer should get a better understanding how each step builds on the last one until the final image is achieved.

Find more work by Forest Tanaka by visiting his portfolio on 500px: http://500px.com/forrest-tanaka



Karl Taylor’s Hi-End Product Shoot – Made Easy!

by Karl Taylor


A quick but in depth video illustrating the ways to get a fine product image of a translucent bottle of fine Scotch and a glass, with attention to the details and reasons for his placement of lights, modifiers and reflectors to achieve the desired results.

Find more work by Karl Taylor by visiting his website:  http://www.karltaylor.co.uk/



Go Behind the Scenes on a Shoot for Volvo Trucks

by Tim Bjorn


This video shows that not all product photography must happen inside the studio. In addition it illustrates that flash/strobe lights may also be used in a form of light painting to illuminate a large product. All the equipment used in this shot was very high tech, but may have been achieved with other means, so remember to solve your image problems with the equipment at hand and think outside the usual ways of shooting to reach your goals.

Find more work by Tim Bjorn by visiting his website:  http://timbjorn.com/work/commercial/



 Stunning Product Shots With iPhone and iPad Light Painting

by Laya Gerlock


Here is a video using the low tech approach to achieving a light painted image of a product. It shows him getting it in a single shot, but the same process might be used with multiple exposures to further refine the details. Keep your mind open to the possibilities of using similar light sources on different products.

Find more work by Laya by visiting his website: http://www.layagerlock.com/



Light Painting Product Photography Tutorial

by Andy Shinosky


This well described video will again illustrate light painting with low tech, but he will also give you instruction on how to put together the multiple exposures to create the finished image. This is a really top shelf instructional video that clearly describes the processes from beginning to end.

Find more work by Andy by visiting his website: http://www.shinosky.com/personal.htm



Food and Product Photographer, Rick Gayle: How’d They Do That?

by Rick Gayle


This video focuses in on food but indicates the similarities to many of the techniques used to achieve the desired results when shooting product as well. Does not cover placement of lights and modifiers in depth but is still worth watching for inspiration.

Find more work by Rick by visiting his website: http://www.rickgaylestudio.com/



Guide on How to Do Product Photography on the Cheap

by DigitalRev TV

A little humor while showing how to shoot a product on a low budget. Not meant for the advanced product shooter but inspiration for the novice with a limited lighting budget. Laughter is good for the soul.

Find more works by the digital rev crew by visiting their website: http://www.digitalrev.com/


These videos were collected by Charles Sweigart, a passionate photographer and Photigy reader. We hope to see more collections of cool and interesting things from Charles, and thank you!

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