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Alex Koloskov re-branding: new look for the old guy:-)

Some time ago I started not liking my profile picture, the one where I hold a DSLR and smile. Does a photographer self portrait always have to be with photographer holding the camera? Now i have few choices of cameras, so it will be hard to choose which one I want to be photographed with.

So, we got this.

Alex Koloskov self portrait
Alex Koloskov self portrait

Like it or not, this is the real me:-)

Lighting: PLM umbrella up front, slightly higher then my head; Two stripboxes on both sides; behind me,  a spot to a white background.
Simple ;-)

Hasselblad H1 + P25+, HC 80mm at F4.0, 1/800 sec.

Have a good day everyone!

15 responses on "Alex Koloskov re-branding: new look for the old guy:-)"

  1. Hi Alex,

    Looking at your self portrait, I am seeing a lot of post production has been done to this photo in Photoshop. Do you have any lessons or tutorials on such post production effects for portraits/objects? I assume it’s called “Digital painting”? I’ve been searching all over the Internet but could not find such tutorials but have seen a lot of photos with such post production.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I would like to see the postproduction.

  3. That picture is perfect. It’s such a great photo. Thank you for sharing the information on how you did it.

  4. How did you get the focus so spot on? When I try self portraits its either my nose or my ears that are sharp…

  5. this is hardly the real you…high quality though…

  6. Nice, perhaps a beauty dish next time? … HA! just kidding. Keep it up Alex.

  7. Love the stubble, so sharp.

  8. I just can stop lol! It is absolutely perfect portrait and I love the finishing touch. For me this set-up is working very well, I love what you achieve in post processing and general look to it. Of course I have to say that this image is so sharp that even my shaving razor can comp-it with :P. You look very serious, well done a fresh look of Alex Koloskov. Have a good one m8!

  9. Hi Alex! Great portrait with a beautiful people setup. i just got the plm umbrella from AB and i will play with it soon. were you shooting through it in this case?
    oh and i can see the magical touch of genia in this image ;) retouched just to the right point…nice skin texture :)

  10. Hi Alex, Yes I like your self portrait, the Hasselblad must be a very nice toy to play with!
    You don’t seem to do that many people shots, so its nice to see a self portrait. The lighting on this shot is very good, I like the highlights on each side of your face and the stubble very macho!

    Thanks for sharing Alex.

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