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Amazing behind the shoot video: Making of Luciano Carvari catalog 2011

Found this great behind the scene video. This is what I call creative work! (For my American readers: there are some nudity in the clip, I warned you:-))

Photographer Alexander Morderer form Ukraine, same as me. His studio located in Kiev, not far from the house I use to live:-)
Check out his portfolio such an amazing work: mordererstudio.com

Now you know why I like advertisement photography more then anything else on this field:-)

P.S Notice that the guy use relatively simple gear: canon 5D Mark II and 50mm F1.4, among with L class lenses. Creativity is all what we need:-)

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8 responses on "Amazing behind the shoot video: Making of Luciano Carvari catalog 2011"


  2. Thanks for sharing. I primarily shoot travel images but I always enjoy watching videos of studio photographers and their setup.

  3. thank you for posting and sharing this with us..
    Brilliant shoot.. i just got back from an advertising shoot a couple of days ago.. it was brilliant.. but certainly nothing like this :D LOOOL

  4. THIS was a “catalog” shoot! That must be one hell of a cataglog! They must have had a blast working on that shoot.

  5. I really admired this guy’s work. Thanks for presenting this.


  6. Wow! What a setup! It’s build almost like a movie scene.
    I wonder what was the overhead work before even taking the first image.
    Did he draw small sketches, where are the ideas from, etc. OK, we need a BTS on the BTS LOL
    Thanks Alex for bringing this other ukrainian to my (our) knowledge.
    This Cravari campaign must have cost $$$


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