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Tutorial for Assignment #25: Light manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

Light manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

This is a product photography tutorial for Pro Club Interactive Education Program, assignment #25

The Final Image

Photography assignment beer from ilya plotnikov

Best Submission – photo by Andrey Perz

Work from Pro Club members followed this tutorial


“I have learned so much in such a short time, I can’t imagine how much time it would have taken me to learn all I did without photigy!”

“You are wonderful. I wish I found Photigy years ago. I don’t feel so alone any longer in my struggle with learning about jewelry photography.”

“Let me just start off by saying you are an AWESOME TEACHER your tutorials are BOMB dude! I have learned so much from watching you it’s truly awesome.”

11 responses on "Tutorial for Assignment #25: Light manipulation in Adobe Photoshop"

  1. Hi Ilya, been try to create your beer photoshop and would like to ask how did you open all the file in photoshop. Sorry but am new to photoshop and photography. I have try to open them in stack but can only see one photo. Thank you for all the help Darius

  2. Were you using distort or warp for the manipulations?

  3. Wow….i watched it but i have no idea what you just did………guess i’ll have to watch it again….and again…….

  4. Thanks, Ian! Would love to see the result.

  5. Thats amazing work Ilya.
    I just got photoshop cc last week and my jaw is on the ground watching you fly through the editing!
    Hope I can get something similar for the assignment!!

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