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Atlanta Photographer Sunday: Twin toddlers on my neck:-)

This Sunday I was left at home with my lovely two daughters (we have twins), wife went to therapeutic shopping, and I had a great opportunity to do nothing but to watch our kids. Well, that “nothing” ¬†lasted for about 5 minutes, after I’ve jumped to what I really like to do:-)

Brought 3 Paul C. Buff monolights (1x800ws, 2x1600ws) and placed in 3 corners of our living room. One with small dish-like reflector pointing to a wall and a ceiling (far center of the photo), second (on the right) with standard 8” reflector was aimed inside a room, and third one (left) with 43” parabolic umbrella¬†was our main light.
I do not use a flash meter, so no light ratio information is given.

atlanta photographer sunday photoshoot setup
Atlanta photographer strobe lighting setup

My favorite portrait lens was used, Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS L, set at F4.5. There was no direct sun, so daylight was not counted: shutter was set to a camera’s maximum x-sync speed at 1/250 sec.

Few things that I liked  in this setup:

  • fast, 5 minutes to set everything
  • kids does not need to stay still or to look at you. they play, I shoot from¬†various¬†angles (from all 3 corners¬†actually) – everyone was happy.
  • because strobe light were much more intense then daylight, the real exposure was equal to a flash duration, which was around 1/800-1/1200 sec, meaning there was no motion blur.

Now, enjoy the photos. Daughters were really happy to play for me: they  did a yoga poses (learned watching us, our usual evening rejuvenation includes 45 minutes of yoga), some cleaning and exploring.

Photographer’s family Sunday

Lifestyle photography, small girl are cleaning house

 The room needed a little bit of cleaning

Baby portrait, Atlanta GA

Girl's portrait, Atlanta, GA

Who did send such SMS to us?

Life style photography

Blue eyes

Home style-portrait

People photography, Atlanta, GA

Lifestyle photography, Atlanta, GA

Portrait of toddler girl

Portrait of kid, Atlanta, GA

Children portrait with studio lighting

Checking old cellphone

Toddler portrait, Atlanta, GA

Doing yoga! 

Baby yoga :-)

Lifestyle photography, baby yoga

Baby yoga, children photography


Dancing toddler girl

Lifestyle Atlanta photographer Alex Koloskov

Life style photographer in Atlanta, GA

Lifestyle family portrait

Smiling girl

Yoga for bebies

Young gymnast :-)

Toddler photography

Beauty photography, young model

Little model :-)

Toddler twins portrait

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