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Best Photos From Photigy Community Photographers, Photigy Showcase #7

Best Photos From Our Photigy Community and the Thoughts that Inspired Them 


Issue: April-June, 2015


Every couple of months we are publishing images from our Forum and Facebook Community to show off a great work of our talents and so it could serve as inspiration to others.

Below are some great photos that were shared with us within the last couple of months. We asked each photographer to tell a short story behind the shot. How the image was created. What inspired them to create this shot.

The answers you find will not only surprise you, but we hope they inspire you as well.


Thank You to all who participated and provided insights. Our Community continues to grow and prosper, because of these like minded photographers that are willing to share their processes, insights, and their work. 

Mohamed Abdel-Hady

Website: mohamedabdulhady.com

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

About the image: that was my birthday gift and i waited quite a bit before wearing it so i can photograph it first, lighting was very simple, only one strobe from back and above the set was looking forward not downward as appears in the setup images coming through a diffuser that was placed above the watch and some white cards were used to fill in at the front, the image was focus stacked using helicon focus software and the white spot at the background was made in Photoshop.


Website: styngography.de

Location: Berlin, Germany

I got the knife some Years ago from a YouTube Fan, while i was running the channel STYNG1975 with tech. reviews about Apple, Gadgets and more.

The day I took the Pictures for the Image I just received my new Plexiglas pieces, one white, one black.

I always wanted to shoot the very beautiful hunters knife.

Than I started setting up the background, next one light after the other and than I started shooting until I was happy with the images. It didn’t took me as much images as I thoght before, thanks to tethered shooting into a nice iMac :D Than I choose the best Images to reach the final Picture. I think it have been about 4 images wich I brought together in Phoshop CC after the RAW devoloping in LR CC.

And finally I cleaned everthing up in Phoshop. I must says I’m quite happy with the final Image as it is.

Viola Fattore

Website: violafattore.wix.com/photographer

Location: Toulouse, France

For this shot, I was inspired by Swatch advertising, that are always full of colors, energy. The models they propose are usually featured in many different colors (as for the model in the photo).

My objective was to give the feeling of a color explosion, this task has been achieved by using both the watches colors and the background colors.

Frank Gojcaj

Website: ernstbenz.com

Location: Birmingham, Michigan – USA

This  image is of a Swiss watch brand ‘Ernst Benz’  who I happen to work for as a computer artist at their North American office.

Part of my job requires me to create new & compelling social media images on a regular basis, which means I have to come up with photos of product or watches to be more specific.

As you may know, shooting watches can be very challenging because of all the reflective surfaces like the crystal glass, high polished metal surfaces etc.

I wanted to learn how to set up a proper office studio and how to shoot watches with professional results.  luckily I ran across Photigy.com.

Within a month of joining the ‘Studio Basics Online Program’ I added a new job description to my title!

The program literally showed me – a behind the scenes – step by step video of how each shot was taken etc. Absolutely Brilliant! It’s exactly what I was looking for.

Let’s just say, I found the missing pieces of the puzzle at Photigy.com

Aron Czapiewski

Website: aronczapiewski.com

Location: Guildford in Surrey,  UK

The complete BTS of creating this shot is published in our Free Courses and Lessons section under “Making of Glenfiddich whisky shot – Product Photography Behind the Scene“.

Carlos Lira

Website: flickr.com/photos/carloslira/

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Hello friends of Photigy!

The idea for this picture came after a meeting with a potential client Owns a large cafeteria.

I’d splash of photos in my portfolio, but not a coffee and felt the need to do something, an image of very strong visual impact!

After following several tips here on Photigy I went to work on the image.

Two lights were used: speedlite a 600er rt and another 540ez with a softbox 60×80.

A Yongnuo yn 568ex and Pentax af 330 ftz.

The harvest of the material was made in the house of my parents, they have a very nice coffee plant that was full.

After a few clicks finished image in Photoshop, posted on Photigy’s Facebook.

I received a lot of constructive criticism that only gave more courage to do even more.

Happiness to all!

Victor Voicu

Website: victor-voicu.ro 

Location: Bucharest, Romania

The idea of making this photo came in the morning when i was playing with some plastic ice cubs that i bought for product photography.

Then i imagine how to use it with my bottle of perfume and to create a cold image but also very warm and natural.

The image was made with 2 lights. The first one was placed 45 degrees left with a honeycomb softbox and a diffusion in front of it and the second one in front and under the bottle to light the ice…

Artur Filipiak

Website: phillip.com.pl

Location: Poland

I think I took this photo after watching a youtube tutorial (about lighting glass surfaces if I well remember) which inspired me somehow to prove myself, even though I have only cheap lights, DIY modifiers and a tiny tabletop studio :) I know that the scene composition is a little chaotic. I have focused mainly on lighting and forgot to take care of the other parts.


– Quantuum UP!200 strobes (really cheap ;) ) on the left and right, diffused by savage trans-lum foil (140x100cm both sides);

– YN560III (1/16) with rogue grid on the background;

– Quantuum UP!200 strobe diffused by savage trans-lum foil on the top;


2 images with different light power to make various parts of the photo dark and bright.

1 image with only background lit at full power (YN560III 1/1) to fill the bottle with light (I don’t like using reflectors behind the glass – it looks too fake) and brighten water on the table, so that other light sources aren’t reflected on.

All the photos blended in PS on layers with masking. Added vignetting and final touch-up.

Mark Lukens

Website: ml-fotografie.nl

Location: Gasselternijveen, Netherlands

I am a relatively newbie at high end product photography. The last couple of months I have been doing self-assignments, for the exercise, to learn to control the light and to build a nice portfolio for later use.

I am lucky to have an acquaintance who owns a high end perfume shop. He lets me borrow nice fragrance bottles to shoot for practice. For this Gucci bottle I was looking for sparkles because I thought it would fit the luxurious style of this expensive looking gold bottle with gemstones.  Then I came up with the idea to use Christmas garlands as a backdrop, hitting it with a flash while it was out of focus.

Getting the garlands was not an easy task in June. I ended up borrowing them allover he place from friends, family and colleagues just to get enough of them to fill the frame.

To get the bottle completely in focus while the backdrop was out of focus I had to do a composite. I shot the bottle at f8 and the background shot was taken at f2.8. The gold bottle is highly reflective so I had to make sure to get some nice gradients on it.

I used a diffuser panel on the left with a stripbox behind it to get the gradient on the front of the bottle. Furthermore I ended up shooting another couple of shots, one of them with a white reflector (a sheet of styrofoam) in the background and another with a snooted flash to light the gemstones.

Afterwards I blended and merged all of these shots in Photoshop. After all the necessary cleaning up the shot was done. All in all it took me about 4 evenings to complete this shot.

Stuff used:

– Canon 5D mark II
– Sigma 50mm ART
– 2x Elinchrom D-Lite in a 30x120cm Stripbox
– 2x DIY diffuser panel
– 2x Elinchrom Quadra lights, one with Elinchrom Snoot and one with bare
– a small black plexi table
– Many Christmas garlands
– the necessary light stands, tripod etc.

Eric Raum

Website: kilncreative.com

Location: Denver, CO – USA

For this shot, the client wanted an image with the look of a high-end, luxury bourbon ad. The actual product is the hanging tag that holds the mini-bottle. The tag hangs directly opposite the mini-bottle, so a small amount of tack was used to hold the bottle in place without making the rubber band appear that it is not laying flat.

The final shot is a composite of the bottle with a gold reflector behind it.

Dmitry Povyshev


Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia

I’ve been wanting to do a promotional picture with splashes Portfolio. To use it as a link between the water and shoot the subject, I took my razor that can be used for both dry and wet shaving.

After watching many lighting schemes lesson I used Alex Koloskov for shooting in an aquarium. As my pulse candy bars give a very long flash (1/1200), which do not allow to freeze a drop of water, I used the usual on-camera flash, which I have only 2.

One with a blue filter sent to the background, and the second set as the kontrovik that using a system of mirror, reflector, and the aquarium lit razor in front.

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  1. Wow, wow, wow! I am still plucking up the courage to give product photography a go but after seeing these I feel inspired. Well done to all of the artists

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