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Best Photos From Photigy Community Photographers, Showcase #8

Best Photos From Our Photigy Community and the Thoughts that Inspired Them 


Issue: July – August, 2015


Every couple of months we are publishing images from our Facebook Community to show off a great work of our talents and so it could serve as inspiration to others.

Below are some great photos that were shared with us within the last couple of months. We asked each photographer to tell a short story behind the shot. How the image was created. What inspired them to create this shot.

The answers you find will not only surprise you, but we hope they inspire you as well.


Thank You to all who participated and provided insights. Our Community continues to grow and prosper, because of these like minded photographers that are willing to share their processes, insights, and their work. 

Igor Sergeev

Website: 500px.com/igor_v_sergeev

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

About the shot

This shot was for ‘Creative Liqueur Shot’ pro corner assignment. (https://www.photigy.com/photography-tutorial-liqueur-shot-props-and-splash/)

An Ikea black glass table top was used as a surface. A very thin layer of water on top of the surface was held by mini walls built with sticky foil similar to this: http://www.venturetape.com/product.php?productid=1455 It should be easy to find it in any construction store. I love this sticky foil for holding water – it is very strong, can hold plenty of water with no leaking and can easily be removed with no trace.

The idea for the shot and the setup was totally inspired by Alex and i was just trying similar approach with a different bottle.

Alexandre Watanabe

Website: 500px.com/evilwata

Location: SĂŁo Miguel Arcanjo – SP, Brazil

About the “Lightbulb” image

The idea behind was nothing really special, just imagined that the lightbulb rimlighted and with the filament glowing would be a nice image, so, taped the bulb on a wood stick which is taped on a light stand, taped on the wood stick was a electric cable linked to a bulb socket which has a dimmer and a plug to connect on the wall. But it could be done using 2 or 3 photos too… It was a personal project, so I’ve decided to try the hard way… I’ve shot with my D800 set at SS 1/200, ISO 100, F/11 with my AF-S Micro Nikkor 105mm F/2.8

About the guitar shape formed by pencils

I always liked to draw since when I was a kid, and I like to do some photo manipulations and digital art, also I really like coffee and listen to some metal music when working on my images and I have a guitar with this shape…

So, I’ve decided to represent it on a single image, and the idea of this image came to my mind, after that was just photograph the items and merge them together.

The cup and saucer as the hole of the guitar body (to represent my coffee addction, let’s say that way… Hahaha), the pencil to shape the guitar and represent “drawing”, the guitar shape to represent music.

For the cup and saucer, was just a SB-910 from one side, diffused by a white diffusion paper and a white card on the other side to bounce some light back. The same light setup was used for the pencil. Both was above a piece of glass and with a black background, to be really easy to cut it later.

So, in the end, was just open an old photo of my guitar and use it as a guide to be placing the objects creating the final image.

Steve Tucker

Website: stevetuckerphotography.co.uk

Location: Derby, England, United Kingdom

This shot was the supposed to be my first product shot, inspired by a photograph in the Book ‘Masterclass: Professional Studio Photography’ by Dennis Savini.

I chose it  whilst I waited for my studio lights and stands to be delivered as it seemed a relatively simple shot with a single light source and I just happened to have a bottle of whiskey lying around. However as it turned out I had to wait for the plastic ‘ice’ cubes to arrive so had a chance to do some other shots beforehand.

I used an old dark wood table for the base and bought some laminate wood flooring for the background. I wanted the whiskey to seem like it was perhaps in a traditional Scottish bar or castle type of feel, slightly warming.

I initially followed the lighting setup in the book by using a single 1000w Bowens Gemini light camera left, through a home made diffuser using Tetanal Savage Trans-Lum sheet on a frame made from plastic pipe.

I placed a small mirror behind the bottle and a small white card behind the glass to try and get some glow in the liquid.

White cards were placed to camera right at various angles to even the light on the label and another hand held card (not in bts shot) was used to remove a nasty reflection in the base of the glass and I used another card to get some light on the rim of the glass.

This shot actually took me several days and many attempts to get right so was not the ‘easy’ shot I thought it was. Not for me anyway.

Some PP work was required to lighten the gold lettering and also the rim of the glass.

I had some critique that it was too dark and I brightened it a bit, though the image was supposed to be kind of dark anyway as you would perhaps drink whiskey in an old Scottish Hotel or lodge on a winters night.

Not sure if I achieved this but that was my plan.

Arthur Yeo

Website: hollowaydiamonds.com.au

Location: Melbourne, Australia

There are 4c when it comes to diamonds – Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut.
“Cut” transforms a diamond pebble into a parkling gem. It is said that 98% a diamond’s life and sparkle comes from its Cut! But unlike Carat – Cut is complex and the least understood of the 4 C’s. To date, industries standards bodies has no grading standard for the quality of a diamonds Cut.

I have been involved in “Cut” research for some time and have some experience in it. I have often seen photos of diamond rings on catalogue and website that had been over processed to the extend where the “fire” or “Scintillation” are completely absence.

In general, photographs do not adequately show the sparkle and brightness of a real diamond because the camera does not see what our brain sees. Our brain captures information from one eye and deliberately ignore data from the other eye.

For example, the brain captures sparkles from one eye and ignore or delete the sparkles from the other eye which result in black (no data or no colors). That’s how we see sparkles.


Thus, I set to learn and discover how I can put some of these sparkles back into the photography of a diamond ring.

So it should be no surprise to see colours in the facets of a diamond, black, light shades of grey and pure white.

Avrohom Perl

Website: www.avrohomperl.com

Location: New York, NY, USA

This new speaker from SHARKK is a fantastic, rugged, water resistant monster with great sound and a built in battery to charge mobile devices with. It is the perfect speaker for camping, a day at the beach or other outdoor activity’s.

I wanted to give this idea over in 1 image, this is what I came up with. I wanted a shallow depth of field for its look but wanted to have the product in focus as well.

My solution was to take 1 photo with a shallow DOF and another fully focus stacked. Combining the 2 was a bit tricky but the results worth the trouble.

This image was shot for the cover of SchOne Shavings product catalog. The client wanted a low key photo with nice polished wood to appeal to their clientele.

In the end I got some flooring from home depot that I can lay out and pack away as needed in the studio.

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