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Capture One Pro 8: The Best Tethering Solution for a Studio Photographer

capture-one-pro-8-reviewI’ve beenĀ using Capture One Pro for several years now, migrated to it from Adobe Lightroom when we got a first MFDB (Medium Format Digital Back) in the studio.

First one was free, because I was using Phase One back, and Ā then we got a license for $299 to use it for any camera (from DSLR to all MFDB). It was necessary when we upgraded to Leaf Aptus.

It was a great choice,Ā I immediately fell in love with Capture One Pro. Ā Intuitive interface, fast, convenient (with features like compositionĀ mode, overlays and many other very useful features which I did not have in Lightroom.

Now Phase One hasĀ released a new version of the software, Capture One Pro 8.

Below are videos from Phase One website, explaining new features and improvements. The new license will cost you $299, an upgrade from a previous version is $99. This is what we were facing:-) whenĀ new option was added: a monthly subscription of $10 per month.

Adobe was first who started offering monthly subscriptions, and we did not like it at the beginning. Now the idea of a subscription seems like a welcome option for most:-)

So, here we go, the most interestingĀ features of
Capture One Pro 8:

Getting Started with Capture One Pro 8

Guide to Tethered Capture

Managing a Capture One Catalog

Performing Essential Adjustments

Creating Multiple Looks From One Image

Using the Color Editor

Correcting Lens Errors

Correcting Lens Cast Issues with the LCC Tool

Using Capture Pilot for iOS and Web

Exporting Images to Final Formats

For More information about capture One Pro 8, visit Phase One website.

I am going to to a follow-up post once we got experience with a new capture One 8

1 responses on "Capture One Pro 8: The Best Tethering Solution for a Studio Photographer"

  1. Hi, i have nikon D3300 and with capture one pro i cannot perform tethering shooting.

    Can you help me out?

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