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Complimentary Lesson from Studio Basics

These are 2 complimentary lessons from Studio Basics program for you to preview before joining the program.

First is a tutorial, and second is the review and critique from one of Studio basic challenges. Watch what quality of a feedback our members receive the instructor on their own work.

For a full list of benefits that you’ll be getting with your membership, please check out Studio Basics page.

So, you have your camera, you’ve got a lens that you want to use for your first product shot, and you have a few strobes or speedlights to light your product. ¬†Now what? ¬†Where do you start with your settings? ¬†What should your shutter speed be?

In this tutorial, Timothy Kou shows you the importance of starting an image with a “clean slate,” which means killing the ambient light before it kills your photograph. ¬†The first half of this tutorial shows where our starting point should be; the second half explains why shutter speed is irrelevant to motion blur in a studio setting and some ways to understand flash sync speeds.

You will learn…

  • How to properly expose an image before you add studio lighting
  • A basic starting point for studio photography
  • Tips on how to kill ambient light
  • Basics of flash sync

Correct camera settings for best lighting control

Maintain camera settings for high-speed flash

Tutorial video

Example of a personal review and critique we provide for Studio Basics members

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