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Cosmetic Product Photography Workshop: Creative Nail Polish Shot

Cosmetic Product Photography Workshop Online with Alex Koloskov: Nail Polish Shot

This is an announcement of our upcoming Cosmetic Product Photography Workshop on August 23rd at 3:00 PM EST. Join us from your remote location and participate in the workshop via chat; we’ll be running a Questions-and-Answers session during the whole workshop.

NOTE: This video represents the actual quality of the broadcast of this workshop



Want to learn how to create WOW shots of cosmetic products and become an expert in product studio photography?

Join me in this Cosmetic Product Photography Workshop and I’ll show you how to photograph cosmetics, and how to finalize the image in Photoshop; fixing all the imperfection of the subject and enhance the photographer’s work.


This is a “draft” image of the shot we’ll be working on¬†during¬†the¬†workshop:

Cosmetic Product Photography Workshop sample

You will also receive a 2.5 hour video of the full post-production of the final shot

Post-Production (2.5 hours), Before and After:

Nail-Polish-test5120-work-beforeCosmetic Product Photography Workshop sample

About this Product Photography Online Workshop



  • Online:¬†Join us from any location to watch and participate in the Photigy Live video broadcast and chat. (Broadband Connection Required) We’ll be streaming 720P HD video via Photigy Live¬†server

How to Join: 

  • Register using the form below and ¬†I’ll send one more email to confirm your reservation for the Workshop. The email will have a link to access Photigy LIVE area. ¬†Attention: We may not be able to¬†accept everyone, space is limited.

Bonuses you will receive (they are awesome!)

  • The Recorded Video will be ¬†provided afterwards to participants to download or watch online on Photigy LIVE page.
  • Post-production video. Our great retoucher is going to show you how to edit the photo in Photoshop to make it pop regardless how rough the real subject was.
  • An invitation to join our next Webinar for a very¬†attractive¬†price. Possibly up to a 50% off discount from the regular price.


  • $145 Registration Fee (check if you can get an Early Bird’s pricing below)


The images below are examples of what we created on our previous product photography workshops and masterclasses:



What Other Photographer’s Say About our Webinars:

Also, your tutorials are blowing my mind. You are so thorough. I keep raving to my fellow photography students who amazing your tutorial are.
I saw the Sephora one and I am so glad you included how you got your results and then to have the links page to the equipment you used and where to purchase was so helpful.
I have never gotten this amount of info from one class. I am so excited to keep viewing the videos. I know it will help me in my career.
Thank you!!!Laura Ochoa

IT WAS REALLY REALLY USEFUL. I‚Äôve learned a lot of things (well I do need to learn a lot more). I think the idea is cool. Streaming a photo shoot (even for just learning purpose) is COOL. We are able to see you making every little movement and so. I think a lot of people will like it. But‚Ķ what caught my attention is: people are not satisfied for shooting with the leaf back. I understand the whole idea is to teach us modifying the light and the camera doesn‚Äôt really matter. And I also think it would be interesting to have a webinar ‚Äúon budget‚ÄĚ. For example‚Ķ set a limit of $10k. Use your DSLR camera and when you know the price of the light heads ‚Äď there you go. Just to show everyone that nice looking pictures can be done on budget. Once again: THANK YOU! Keep doing what you do, because it inspires me to start taking pictures right after the webinar J Ivan Atanasov

Hi, Alex. Thanks for doing the webinar. It was very educational and relevant. I liked the basic format of the webinar, but I specifically like when you try to get us involved with coming up with solutions. I think it gives a good opportunity to share different ideas. Loved the subject matter this time. I’ve been itching to do some cosmetics, and I think I have more confidence to tackle it. I’m looking forward to learning more about how to set up the view camera for DSLR. Thanks so much! All the best. Timothy Kou Design& Visual Production Specialist

Thank you very much Alex!!!!!!!!!!! Everything was really very good. I don’t know hw u can improve it, personaly i liked everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! Olga, Ukraine

Thank you Alex! The webinar was very informative, everything was very clear and well explained. Toviah, Philadelphia, PA


Not convinced yet? Here is the last thing which will help you to take action now:

100% satisfaction guarantee at photigyWe offer a 30 day money back guarantee policy, meaning you can ask for money back during 30 days after the workshop. You ARE NOT RISKING your money.

Our guarantee is true and is therefor the benefit of photographers who decide for one reason or another that the my lessons has not helped them to develop their photography skills.




Registration price: $145

 Workshop has ended, recordings will be posted soon


1345861080_giftNote: Photigy Pro Corner members will have free access to watch LIVE webinar.

Link to Photigy youtube chanel: Cosmetic Product Photography Workshop

7 responses on "Cosmetic Product Photography Workshop: Creative Nail Polish Shot"

  1. Hey Alex,
    Did you post the record of this seminar for Pro-Corners, or I missed the email from you?

    • Andre,
      Yes, it was posted a day after the workshop, as usual. And it was in Pro Corner for 48 hours instead of 24 actually:-)
      To make sure you won’t miss it next time check if emails from Photigy do not go to SPAM folder. I had set a notification to all pro Corner members… sorry if you missed it.

  2. hi alex.
    you are a great photographer.
    i love tour work very much.
    Registration price: $145 is for one year ? or a month ?

  3. Any additional discount for people who bought your whole workshop pack?

  4. Will this be on ProCorner?

    • Yes and No, depending from what you meant:
      Pro Corner members will have a free access to join the workshop online, and then will have 24 hours to watch recorded version after it posted. However the workshop will not be placed on Pro Corner for unlimited access after this.
      Thank you!

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