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Advanced Product Photography Course, part1: studio work (shooting).
Difficulty: Level 4

Photigy Online Workshop: Advertising Product Photography, Part 1 – Studio Work

Instructor: Alex Koloskov

This course is for you, if you:

  • Have experience working in the studio, and understand your camera and basics of studio lighting.
  • Have access to studio light modifiers such as soft boxes, diffusers and reflectors, have a tripod, DSLR and professional strobe or continuos lighting.
  • Ready to learn the most advanced techniques in commercial studio photography.

350x268xnail-polish-workshop-live-img-small.jpg.pagespeed.ic.YXNPjQpsOWThis course – Advertising Product Photography Part 1 – Studio Work is a professional product photography course that is based on creating images for use in the advertising world. This type of work is different than just catalog or basic product photography.

Here the goal is to create an image that will be used to sell the product. Most of the time the client will come to you with a concept and you as the photographer must then implement this idea. This means that you will have be well versed on many techniques so as to make this concept into reality.

This course is divided into two main areas – the first is practical work that was done in the studio. This includes a perfume bottle, a microphone, an iPhone, and a woman’s watch. The second part consists of in-depth workshops that were used to create detailed images that will show you how to work through a lot of complex situations. after-post-perfume-by-koloskov

After completing this set of training you should have a good grasp of what it takes to build up and execute a creative advertising shot from start to finish. If you take on the challenge to replicate these images or create new ones based on what you have learned here, you will have created as many as 15 portfolio pieces that can showcase your work.

Certificate from photigy photography school

Course Completion Certificate Included:

After successfully finishing this course you will be issued with a professional certificate from Photigy Photography School.

Professional certification shows potential clients that you are committed to your profession and are well-trained.It gives them confidence in your abilities because it proves that your skills have been evaluated and approved by a well-regarded professional organization.

This course is available for Pro Club members

To apply for this course, please signup to Pro Club membership below. Once subscribed, you will be signed for this course for free and keep access to it while remaining an active subscription.

Course Breakdown:

Total Running Time: 9hr 46min

Level: Advanced

Part 1: Practical Work in the Studio: – 2hr 42min –

  • Chanel Bleu Perfume Shot – Working with Large Format Camera: - 50:51

    This image is shot using a Cambo Ultima D camera and a wide angle lens giving the bottle a much more interesting look than if it had been shot using a macro lens. A glossy black base with a black background is use along with liquid drops on the base. The goal of this shot is to get a ‘hero’ or larger than life look of the perfume bottle.


  • Blue Yeti Microphone Shot: - 31:27

    This video takes you to a behind the scenes look at the shooting of a Blue Yeti microphone. The goal of this shot is to create a halo effect behind the head of the microphone to give it a unique look. In doing so you also have to bring out the texture of the mic while keeping the glossy parts glossy.


  • White Subject on White Background with View Camera - iPhone: - 47:55

    This shot tries to replicate an Apple style shot of a white iPhone on a white background. This uses the Cambo Ultima D using the tilt-shift capabilities of the camera to make sure the whole image is in focus. Here you will see how tilt-shift works and how it can affect your shots. product-studio-photography-training-online-class

  • Women's Watch Shot: - 31:40

    Now you will see how to shoot a ladies Citizen watch. This shot explores how to capture a jewelry style image using a cone to create the gradient on the watch band. This shot uses five lights to get the balanced look using honeycomb grids and snoot. Here you will see how to balance the band, the gems, and the watch face. watch-photography-online-course

Part 2: Workshops and Master Classes: – 7hr 05min

Part 3: Bonus: Table Top Product Photography:


Course includes a detailed tutorial and  behind the scene for each of these shots:

In Advertising Product Photography Part 1 – Studio Work you will learn the technical skills to shoot many complex subjects that will provide challenges for even seasoned pros. It is these kinds of skills that can take you to the next level in your product photography. When you add in the recorded live workshops that are included in this coursework, you will be better prepared to tackle challenges that come up during the shoot.

The next part, Advertising Product Photography Part 2 – Post-Production, will take you through how to finish the some of the shots that were taken in part one. Here you will learn the fundamentals of cleaning up and making your shots look perfect for your client.

Course Curriculum

Practical work in the studio
[pro] Chanel Bleu Perfume Shot. Working with a Large Format Camera 00:51:00
[pro] Blue Yeti Microphone Shot – Behind the Scenes 00:32:00
[pro] White Subject on a white background with view camera: iPhone shot. In-studio work 00:48:00
[pro] Women’s Watch Shot: BTS, in-studio work 00:31:00
Advertising Product Photography Workshop
[pro] Advertising Product Photography Workshop (Perfume shot). In-studio work 02:20:00
Creative Nail Polish Shot Workshop
[pro] Creative Nail Polish Shot Workshop. In-studio work, part 1 00:27:00
[pro] Creative Nail Polish Shot Workshop. In-studio work, part 2 00:53:00
[pro] Creative Nail Polish Shot Workshop. In-studio work, part 3 00:41:00
[pro] Creative Nail Polish Shot Workshop. In-studio work, part 4 00:17:00
Cosmetic Photography Workshop
[pro] Cosmetic Photography Workshop. In-studio work 01:53:00
[pro] Cosmetic Photography Workshop. The Bonus 03:00:00
[pro] Tabletop Product Photography in examples, part1(E-book) 00:20:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Cool!!!


    Alex, thank you so much for the course! Happy New Year!

  2. Excellent!


    Wonderful course, very well explained!

  3. Very good coarse for advance studio photography


    And of coarse, I also learned a lot with this advance coarse from Alex.
    Thank a lot

  4. 5

    Very good and with plenty of examples to practice

  5. 5

    I fell into product photography by chance after doing tertiary studies in photo imaging. I felt your courses were at a premium price but I am shocked at how much I learn from each and every course. This is unaccountably the best place to be if you want to specialize in product photography. Your lessons are amazing and inspiring. Thank you so much.

  6. Getting serious


    Good view of hero type shot. Loved the glitter, back ground and simple elements to create it. The after walk around should have been at the begging for me. Makes everything much clearer during the class. Learned a lot. Still not totally happy about using technical camera as main camera but I see where it would be an almost must to do high end products all the time.

  7. Terrific


    Very clear and informative. Loved the cone.

  8. Over all great…


    if I have a technical camera and lens like what you used here. So if using another lens and PS is the solution then I would have loved to see that shoot plus post to see the solution, not what I can’t do because I don’t have the gear. This is obviously a very advanced user working in the field course and now go and buy one of these and make money. Don’t get me wrong, this class teaches a lot of really great things. But I feel I can’t achieve the final image if I can’t get the critical element of lens and camera to reproduce this shot.

  9. 5

    Perfect for starting. I already understood what went wrong with a couple of products shoots that i had. But i guess the most important is that Alex is an inspiring and very creative an resolutive person who teach us that you can get the job done and step by step, get to the place that you want to be. Is not only his lighting skills, this course is about much more.

  10. 5

    Great start to my online training, I have learnt so much already, as a photographer shooting weddings and portraits for the last 14 years, it’s amazing how many new techniques I am having to learn. I can’t wait to start the next sessions!

  11. Great, awesome and inspiring : A must-have course


    It is not the objects, it is not the light setting. It is much, much more what helps you progressing your skills:
    We all know from previous courses the theory of the lighting. However, we very often do not succeed in transforming our theoretical knowledge to great achievements. This is just because we are often not able to give minor variations to our setting in terms of millimeters.
    This is essential to get to our intended achievements. And this (for me) is what this course is all about, lengthy and in detail, but unfortunately inevitable.
    The course inspired me and made me impatient to start putting my hands on my own projects (again and better now).

    Thank you Alex for that!

  12. 5

    I thoroughly enjoy the nitty gritty reality you present in your video courses, A and G. The determination and attention to detail–and the general painstaking effort it requires to achieve your professional results–are evident in everything you do. It’s good to see the work behind the glamour of a superb creation. Joining the ProClub has been the best investment for me this entire year. I’ve absorbed years of your hard-won experience in a matter of months. Now, my small studio is nearly finished, and I hope to start participating in your challenging assignments.

    I recommend this course without reservation.

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