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In this course we will explain in depth the approach to creating this Caribbean quartz jewelry set. You will learn how to examine the object’s shape and surface and how to build the lighting based on this.

We are also eExplaining the preparation and decoration process, and then will guide you step by step through a photoshoot from the begging to the end.

You also will learn the secrets of jewelry post-production in Adobe Photoshop.

Authors: Alex Koloskov and Genia Larionova 

About the course

Image from the course

What you will learn from this course:

  • Theory of lighting for jewelry photography

    How to build the lighting diagram based on the jewelry shape and finish. Thoughts behind the lighting setup

  • How to setup and prop a jewelry photoshoot

    Behind the scene of making the set for a jewelry shot. How to solve issues creatively and get ready for the shot

  • Creating an ultimate light modifier

    How to modify the conventional lighting modifier to make it work for a wide variety of jewelry photography subjects

  • Secrets of retouching jewelry images

    Because of the specifics of jewelry photography (extreme macro), retouching is an essential part of the process and our expert will teach you the secrets of post-production for jewelry.

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Before - After of post-production


For your inspiration Рwork of Alex Koloskov and Genia Larionova

Course Curriculum

1 – Introduction 00:06:00
2 – Explaining Light 00:06:00
3 – Object Mounting 00:03:00
4 – Shooting – Part 1 00:29:00
5 – Shooting – Part 2 00:15:00
6 – Shooting – Part 3 00:07:00
7 – Shooting – Part 4 00:02:00
Jewelry Set Post-Production 1 00:11:00
Jewelry Set Post-Production 2 00:06:00
Jewelry Set Post-Production 3 00:07:00
Jewelry Set Post-Production 4 00:45:00
Jewelry Set Post-Production 5 00:19:00

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