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In is workshop-based course we will explain a difference in lighting for large gemstone jewelry and glossy metal and demonstrate how to create a dramatic image of a jewelry pendant.

You also will learn the secrets of jewelry post-production in Adobe Photoshop.

Authors: Alex Koloskov and Genia Larionova 

About the course

Image from the course

What you will learn from this course:

  • How to setup lighting for various types of jewelry

    We’ll cover a difference in lighting for large gemstone jewelry, glossy metal, and everything in between.

  • Easiest way to take beautiful images of jewelry

    It’s not always necessary to use the most expensive lighting or professional light modifiers to create stunning jewelry images. Alex will show you the shortcuts and DIY “money-saving” solutions.

  • Secrets of retouching jewelry images

    Because of the specifics of jewelry photography (extreme macro), retouching is an essential part of the process and our expert will teach you the secrets of post-production for jewelry.

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Before - After of post-production


For your inspiration – work of Alex Koloskov and Genia Larionova

Course Curriculum

Brown Pendant – Shooting 01:22:00
Post - Production
Post – Production – Part 2 00:43:00
Post – Production – Part 1 00:39:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of Roman Sapronov

    Great course! I got it as bonus for webinar.


    Thanks guy! Keep up you great job!
    Best Regards

  2. Profile photo of Manu

    My first purchased course


    What a wonderful way of learning! Not much to add to what others have said, sharing knowledge like you do there’s no excuse for those of us who really want to improve our product photography skills. Thanks.

  3. Profile photo of Acady

    Creative Jewelry


    I really liked this webinar, it was affordable and it gave me good shooting and retouching information. I particularly liked Alex’s emphasis on the emotion of the shot and the level of detail in the retouching videos.

  4. Profile photo of Thom Bennett

    Creative Jewelry Photography Course


    Very well presented course. Alex’s approach to lighting and composition came across very clearly. One big takeaway for me was about the difference between shooting for a client and shooting for your portfolio. Basically, allowing yourself some creative room when shooting for your portfolio but know the proper techniques when shooting to a client’s brief. I do wish Genia would talk a little bit more about why she chose a particular brush vs. another. I did learn by watching her but it would be great for her to talk about some of the details of her thought process.

  5. Profile photo of Rob Trudeau

    Live Webinar..... its the next best thing to being in the studio with Alex


    I watched Alex create this image during their live Creative Jewelry Photography webinar and I have to say it was great. Being able to see Alex set up and create the image live was awesome but what was even better was being able to comment and interact with Alex as he worked at showing us how to create the image. If you had a question he would answer it on the spot, the only way it would have been better would have been to be in the studio with Alex as he did it.
    The added bonus is having Genia show you how to do the high end re-touching and post production that takes the image to the next level. Because of what I have learned from Genia I can honestly say my retouching has improved tenfold.
    Alex and Genia… I thank you both for helping me take my photography to the next level.

  6. Profile photo of Carina

    Thank you for the Behind the Scenes look!


    This is the first course I’ve purchased and I really enjoyed learning different tricks to achieve beautiful results I’ve never used the Visible Image layer stamp, the mixer brush, or difference mode when blending. Adding these tricks to my PS arsenal. Thank you! Great work!!

  7. Profile photo of Xiaoyu Liu

    So much details and easy to follow


    Alex presented the webinar in a quite understandable way for us. He almost explained step by step to make sure students from junior level to senior level can catch him up. I can see clearly the changes or improvements after each step. And the creativity of this shot is unique. I have never seen a similar lighting effect like this one. Really impressive. I think I begin to like to shoot jewelry !

    Thanks Alex!

  8. Profile photo of Roman Sapronov

    Always can find something new and inspiring!!!


    Thanks Alex and Genia for such great job. I participated the online workshop and it was great.
    I’ve got a lot’s of answers and tons of new information.
    Thanks guy! Keep up you great job!
    Best Regards

  9. Profile photo of manfred muschke


    There were 2 major highlights for me in this course:
    first, it were the initial 8 minutes where Alex showed some very basic mechanical tips for fixation and mounting of the jewelry – most exiting the little reflecting “roof” that kept the chain nicely and also helped reflecting some highlights on to some glossy parts.
    secondly I was so much surprised what little miracles Genia could do with the mixer brush! I was not at all aware of this retouching technique – I will train and practice it.
    Thank you for this inspiring course (and sorry for not mentioning all the other great tips and hints Alex gave during the shooting).

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