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DIY Starter’s Guide To Product Photography

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About The Course

Instructor: Alex Koloskov

This course is for you, if you are:

  • Novice in product photography or recently graduated from a college and looking for a hands-on experience in product photography. This course will help you to start taking photos of e-commerce products with a very little investment in gear. 

  • Small business owner who is looking to find a way to take better pictures of your products for e-commerce, brochures, and catalogs. In this course, you’ll find guidance on gear and lighting for a simple and low budget photography

Gear used in this course (free lesson)

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Now With Bonus Video: Jewelry photography on a white background

Bonus: jewelry on white background
Jewelry photograp[hy lesson: ring on a white background

This image was taken with all DIY setup and $62 lighting. 5 minutes post-production. For the RAW (SOOC) image scroll below.

SOOC (Straight From The Camera) Images From The Course

Only RAW conversion and crop

DIY Starter’s Guide To Product Photography example SOOC
DIY Starter’s Guide To Product Photography example SOOC
DIY Starter’s Guide To Product Photography example SOOC
DIY Starter’s Guide To Product Photography example SOOC
DIY Starter’s Guide To Product Photography example SOOC


Is there a way to ask an instructor a question/to show my work and get a feedback?

Yes,  you can ask an instructor, as well as get a feedback on your work. We have a support forum for this course where you can ask questions, get answers, and feedback from your instructor.

What camera , lens and lighting do I need to have in order to use this course and make similar photos?

Please refer to a “required gear” section of this page above

Will I be able to download videos from this course and watch them off-line?

Yes, all videos from this course are available for off-line watching after downloading them.

Course Curriculum

DIY Guide to product photography: Part 1 00:12:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 2 00:12:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 3 00:19:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 4 00:05:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 5 00:12:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 6 00:20:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 7 00:12:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 8 00:11:00
Bonus: How to get your first client 00:12:00
Business: Where to start on pricing your photography 00:18:00
Bonus: jewelry on white background 00:15:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of Salvador

    Nice training

    I love how a simple idea with plexiglass and just two lights can obtain white backgrounds and also light the subject… Very easy to understand. If you do not have time for a longer training course this is the one you need to see. Thank you Alex.

  2. Profile photo of Catarina João

    Amazing!!! This THE COURSE for beginners...

    I’ve always done a lot of DIY solutions and just loved the ones I’ve learned in this course. It’s perfect if you don’t know what to buy and don’t want/can’t spend a lot. It’s all about understanding the light and how to modify it!
    Thank you Alex, you make my day in the studio very happy!!!

  3. Profile photo of Yaroslav Luk'yanchenko

    Really good for beginners

    Bought this course on a sale. Great info for a few money!
    Thank you Alex

  4. Profile photo of JimRuppel


    Not bad for a beginner course. At times I felt it was an ad for more advanced courses. I’ve actually gotten more info from some free courses I’ve taken at Creative Live so your course may be a little overpriced.

  5. Profile photo of Alain Saintpo

    Good information & advises

    I started this course after having already taken few others, so I was already familiar with some of the items / principles presented but nevertheless I still learned some interesting things on DIY side. Good intro.

  6. Profile photo of jaap posthumus


    I like the way Alex showed building DIY (Do It Yourself) studio with low costs. For me it was a bonus Alex explained how to fix too soft edges at subject as a result of too much light on background.

  7. Profile photo of Renjith krishnakripa

    What i get from this course

    I bought this course just because of the bonus video included on this course, to know how to execute jewelry shots in white BG directly from camera , i got an idea from our priceless photography magician ALEX . and i completed my assignment in essay way .
    Also what new things i got from this course is
    1. How to add nice black line in the edges of product when shoot in a white BG.
    2. How to start marketing or find clients for product photography .
    3. Little bit philosophy when we do pricing for our services
    So for me this course is completely worth it.

    also this course will help you even you doesn’t know any thing about camera and and light setup. so defiantly this course will be a first key for beginners .

    Thanks you so much Alex ,

  8. Profile photo of TheWiredKnot

    Valuable Investment

    This course has instantly progressed the photography of my jewelry line to a professional level. I’m saving valuable time in shooting and post production and can focus more time on my art…making jewelry…however, now I am a little bit curious to do product photography for additional income. Thank you!

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