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More and more people use their phones to take pictures and record videos every day.

But not many people aware that there are several converters, tripods, mounts, and lenses on the market for your iPhone. Macro, wide angle, telephoto lenses has all have been available for a while now.

Did you know that you can even photograph jewelry with your iPhone? Yes, there are even gadgets for that!


We created this course to help you take your iPhoneography to the next level.

In this course Alex will talk about

  • best 7 lenses for iPhone
  • macro iPhoneography
  • comparing the image output
  • how to photograph jewelry with your iPhone
  • and more …

We hope you will find this course useful and helpful, and taking pictures with your iPhone will become even more fun!

Course Curriculum

iPhone Lenses Review: Best 7 lenses for iPhone, which one is the best? 00:00:00
iPhone – Jewelry Photography with iPhone: Nimbus Cloud Dome review 00:00:00
Cell phone and HDR? You must be kidding! 00:00:00
iPhone in-studio shot: retouching in Photoshop (real image quality) 00:00:00
iPhone vs Hasselblad: Comparing image output 00:00:00
Getting the most from iPhone camera: lenses for Macro iPhoneography 00:00:00

Course Reviews


14 ratings
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  1. Profile photo of mickster@pipeline.com512

    How to use courses


    I would offer 3 stars for this demo.

  2. Profile photo of Jaime Arroyo Arias

    Great way to take advantage of iphone


    Very good info and accessories for iphone

  3. Profile photo of Ben

    Nice review but not that relevant


    Not that relevant compared to the others unvaluable great ressources here on Photigy

  4. Profile photo of JOHN D.

    iPhone Photography Course


    Alex opened my eyes to the world of add on lenses for the iPhone. I always have my iPhone with me and now I look forward to ordering the add on lenses from Schneider. My wife wants to try the new lenses on her iPad next. Thanks Again Alex for another Great Course!
    Well Done!

  5. Profile photo of Sal

    iPhone Photography


    I learn more about the craft of photography from most anything I come across. Although, I have no intention of using a phone for photography at this time – I still learned something….it was nice to see a fresh perspective with new ideas.

  6. Profile photo of Jack Ditch

    iPhone Photography


    Interesting because I was introduced to topics and equipment I had not thought about. Worth taking for the information and new ideas. Now to get outside and make those shots!

  7. Profile photo of Dan Tivadar



    Nice course and very useful for smartphone photographers. I have android but the ideeas and rules are the same.

  8. Profile photo of barry



    thanks some great advice

  9. Profile photo of Yule

    Capable little smartphones!


    Enjoyed the course and the exploration of the capabilities of the Iphone as a camera. It goes to show that good photography knowledge goes a lot further than fancy equipment in creating pleasing images. I actually took the course on behalf of a friend who is as described in the jewelry portion of the review needing website size images of her floral arrangements and wanted to know if she could get the images she wanted from just an Iphone which she already has.

    Great and informative course and I hope to return soon to learn more for myself.

  10. Profile photo of Ydaliz Negrón



    I enjoy this course. My passion for photography start whit my Iphone 4 and then I make an upgrade with my first dsrl camera. In the proses I learn many things about photography and composition. We always have our phones so what no learn to make the maximum of them to!

    Thanks Alex

  11. Profile photo of Daniele Casciari

    iPhone and photograpy

    Good and accurate course! Maybe you have to talk about iPhone and tripod mounting system.


    Daniele Casciari

  12. Profile photo of Ankur Puri

    On point!


    Great work on compiling this course. It forces one to evaluate the motivation behind photography and the passion to utilize what’s available in the palm of your hand to capture beautiful photos. A bit of post-prod knowledge is presumed, however. Time well spent. Thanks!

  13. Profile photo of CJPhoto



    Great stuff as always Alex, i envy you because you have time to play with such tings :-) And the tutorial is great for begginers tu understand and leard to use an see the light.
    Regards CJPhoto

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