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Liquid and Splash Hi-Speed Photography for beginners

In Liquid and Splash Hi-Speed Photography for Beginners you will learn the basic skills of splash and hi-speed photography that you can take with you for free.

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liquid-button-new-splashThis course consists of tutorials and behind the scene from various shots that Alex Koloskov has created in his studio over the past 7 years.

Each lesson was created at different time and originally was posted on Alex’s blog, and it was not an easy to find an old posts. This is why we decided to put the best and most useful tutorials into this course, where all materials are organized and easy to follow.

In this series you will learn how to work with moving subjects and how to set lighting for liquid splash photography

Instructor: Alex Koloskov

Images from the course

Course Breakdown:

Total Running Time: Various videos as listed below and Blog Posts 

Level: Beginner

  • Equipment: - Blog Post -

    This section looks at the kind of gear that you will need to create hi-speed splash and liquid photography. This includes items like strobes, flashes, monolights, cameras, light modifiers, as well as other equipment. There are recommendations for every level of affordability.

  • Liquid Splash with Speedlites: - 9:43 -

    Video and Blog Post – In this video you will see how to set up and shoot splash effects using apples as the subject.  Here you will see how to create a clean looking splash with stop action and no motion trails.



  • Using Liquids in Commercial Studio Photography: -10:40 –

    Video and Blog Post – Now you will examine how to create water based liquid shots. By using an aquarium you will be able to create unique product shots using colored gels for effects and how to use the surface of the water as a mirror for creative looks.



  • Carbonated Water in Commercial Studio Photography: -Blog Post –

    Now builds off of the last post and replaces the water with sparkling water mixed with distilled water to give it a bubbly look. This will show you how to provide a little different look for use with your product shots.

  • Milky Splash over iPhone: -0:50 –

    Blog Post and Short Video – Here you will see how to create a milky splash with an iPhone. This is a two part technique where you will see how to shoot the iPhone and then shooting the splash over a case so as to not damage the phone.



  • 8 Tips for Successful Liquid Splash Photography: - Blog Post –

    This post takes a look at some useful tips when working with liquid. These are things that are often overlooked, but will really make a difference in your splash photography.

  • Gel Balls as Awesome Water Drops in Splash Photography: - Blog Post -

    Examines how you can use clear gel balls to get some unique looks in your photography. These are clear balls of gel that can make some pretty cool effects when used with water and the use of color in your work.

In Liquid and Splash Hi-Speed Photography for Beginners you will learn the basic skills of splash and hi-speed photography that you can take with you for free.

The wide range of topics provides you will techniques that will improve your images making them more professional.

You will also learn valuable lessons that you can use should you choose to continue your education at

Course lessons

Equipment for Hi-Speed Splash and Liquid Photograhy
15 minutes
Liquid Splash Hi-speed Photography with spedlites: online workshop
12 minutes
Using Liquids in Commercial Studio Photography
15 minutes
Carbonated Water in Commercial Photography
15 minutes
Milky Splash over iPhone: BTS of the liquid photography shot
20 minutes
8 Tips for successful liquid splash shot
15 minutes
Gel Balls as an Awesome Water Drops in Splash Photograhy
15 minutes

Course Reviews

  1. Its great experience for learning from Photigy and Great master Alex, Many Many Thanks
    Liquid and Splash, product photography video review is making good changes in my work after understand the fundamentals.

  2. Profile photo of George George says:

    Easy to understand entry into splash
    Nice course Alex, very easy to understand the fundamentals. The rest is up to the creativity of the photographer :)

  3. Makes me want to try this!
    Can’t wait to have fun with splashes :)

  4. Profile photo of locotemax locotemax says:

    I like
    very good and interesting, I really liked

  5. Very effective for first time learners!
    Very simple, straight to the point in the practice. I’m very happy to have taken this course. cheers Ale

  6. Profile photo of Gareth Gareth says:

    Another amazing set of tutorials
    Simple and clear instructions. Perfect for beginners as well as those wanting to learn more.

  7. Easy and Clear!
    Step by Step, clear and without complications!

  8. Great tutorials!
    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!


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