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In this course Ilya Plotnikov walks you thought the entire process of how the three images below were created with just a one light source. A detailed videos, from the light set up thought the complete post-production process, of how each image was made.

Should you have any questions please feel free to post on the forum or send me a message on Facebook: Ilya Plotnikov’s Facebook


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Course Breakdown:

Total Running Time: 1h 10min

Level: Beginner 

  • Video 1 - Photographing the Beer - In Studio Work



  • Video 2 - Introduction to Retouching - Path Clipping



  • Video 3 - Retouching the first image



  • Video 4 - Retouching the second image



  • Video 5 - Retouching the third image



  • Video 6 - The Conclusion


    Photographing Beer with one light source - Conclusion

Final Images You'll Learn

Course Curriculum

Photographing Beer with one light source – In-studio work 00:12:00
Photographing Beer with one light source – Introduction to Retouching – Path Clipping 00:07:00
Photographing Beer with one light source – Retouching of the first image 00:16:00
Photographing Beer with one light source – Retouching of the second image 00:16:00
Photographing Beer with one light source – Retouching of the third image 00:10:00
Photographing Beer with one light source – the Conclusion 00:08:00

Course Reviews


30 ratings
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  • 4 stars12
  • 3 stars2
  • 2 stars4
  • 1 stars3
  1. Great tut for compositing product images.


    Glad Ilya said that these images were far from perfect. I was worried for a minute. But I learned a lot about one light and compositing. Would have liked to see more Photoshop instruction.

  2. 5

    This course helped me understand compositing images of a single subject, extracting and adding different backgrounds. I found it very helpful in grasping the concepts shooting am image(s) for post processing.

  3. So so course


    Although I got some interesting tips&tricks during the course, still not entirely satisfied with the instruction and final results, especially after having a look at the author’s porfolio. The final images look ok for amateurs but not qualified enough for professionals. The shooting environment are not suitable for professional work(red bricks will do make color cast in every image), the instruction was not so informative(in my opinion). I have viewed so many tutorials about composite images like this(for example Hibiki shot from Rob Grimm) but if the author goes for this solution, every part of the products should be perfect(the main reason for doing composite images).

    So if you are beginner, goes for it, if not, take some other courses from Alex Koloskov.

  4. Hmm..


    This course was interesting on one level, there were some nice Photoshop techniques I enjoyed. But I felt there were too many useful Photoshop techniques glossed over and unexplained and un-reasoned. It would have been nice to have some more of the commands briefly explained and the shortcuts illustrated, some were (on screen) but not enough in my opinion. Also there was no planning of the image or working to a brief from the start which i think would have been more purposeful, i.e. setting out with a look to achieve and showing A-Z of achieving it. Instead it was a bit spray and pray at the beginning and then let’s see what we have to work with in post. I think overall there was some laziness in the delivery of this course.

  5. Photographing Beer with One Light


    I am going to reserve a star rating until I can actually use the photoshop part of the course. I like how the instructor show us how to use one light to take three images of one subject. Very useful for a variety of subjects and situations. I am didn’t like the photoshop part of the class, because there was very little explanation that went with what the instructor was doing.

  6. Nice course


    Nice, grab some ideas! It could be better with one completely photoshoped image like “ready for print”. I know the full process will take hours. Maybe some speed video for watching.
    Thank you!

  7. Good Introduction to composing for a beginner


    This was a very good introduction for beginners on composition in PS. Definitely gave me a better understanding of what is involved in commercial photography and where to start.

  8. One light - Many options


    This course shows the power of composite work and is particularly useful to the photographer who is just starting out in studio still life. The course takes time to show you why your options are restricted with limited kit but there is still plenty you can achieve.

  9. Great course from Great Photographer and retoucher.


    This is not for every one because it’s complicated. Is you are not familiar with Photoshop you should better start from learning it first. The course is teaching you a new ways of improving your workflow speed. Less time shooting in a studio but you’ll get a flexibility in a post production.
    Definitely recommend! P.S learn Photoshop first.

  10. This was just bad


    this is just bad. Simple as that. The production quality of the video was horrid, wobbly camera angles, bad audio, weak explanations of what is being done and why. Here you are “giving us a fish” instead of “teaching us how to fish”.

    The post production part was extremely weak. Nothing was explained properly, why am I doing this, what will it achieve, how can you utilize this technique in future. Just slamming some pretty effects on a bottle offers us nothing.

  11. 2

    The subject is interesting but the presentation of these videos is boring. Retouching part without commenting has no interest.

  12. Good starting point


    I was amazed to see how much you can obtain with only one light (I’m a beginner in product photography, and this was a big surprise to me) . I will for sure give it a try myself.
    However, as other mentioned, I would have preferred more explanation for the post production part. I’m not very experienced with PS, but I will do my homework, I will watch several times the post video, and I’m sure that in the end I’ll manage to come out with an interesting image. :)
    Great course.
    Thank you!

  13. This is a really good place to start


    There is a lot of information to get to but I was able to get good results with what I learned

  14. Good idea, poor explanation


    This is a good idea to show that product photographer can do something with almost nothing (except you still need to know why you are using acrylic panel for diffusion and other moments). But, as other people said here, this course fall to very basic, so Photoshop “magic” need to be at least explained with keystroke combinations and couple of words – what are you doing and what result you aim to get.

    Of course I WILL do my “homework”, but this is not what I expect to get as a paid “how to”, and this is very frustrating.

  15. Good place to start


    I thought the material was a good place to start in product photography and it takes you through the motions. I learned some tricks which is always appreciated.

    TL;DR: It is worth watching. Treat this as a starting point to see a higher level of the whole process for beginning product photography.

    +Useful lighting recommendations
    +Photoshop tips for common touch up issues
    +Walked through multiple workflows and gave the idea of how long he would expect the process of each image to take

    -Video and audio quality were not top notch
    -Videos did get slow at times and as others suggested it was hard to not have him talk about the features he was using more
    -Also, would have been nice to see the shortcuts at the bottom of the screen in both Mac & Windows

  16. Overall a good course.


    I agree that Ilya needed to talk more, particularly during the post production segments, explaining what he was doing – and why. Some good information though and ideas of how you can achieve 3 separate looks with only one light, a mirror and photoshop.

  17. Good material, weak presentation


    I have to agree with some of the reviewers that presentation of the material wasn’t the best. For some steps in retouching I understood it only because of my knowledge of Photoshop. If previous knowledge is required it should be clearly stated in course description along with the required courses. This course is part of the Studio Basic and current description promises complete post-production process. Someone who starting in product photography probably doesn’t know Photoshop from that perspective if at all.
    I’m sure that if retouching part would be 30 minutes per video instead of 15 minutes would go long way. I don’t want to sound harsh but you really have to think from complete beginners point of view. And I don’t se nothing wrong with explaining steps multiple times. Especially in beginners course. Currently this course doesn’t deliver what it’s promises.
    I would like to end in good note. I learned couple of new post processing techniques and way of using one light was also interesting.

  18. Realy interesting


    Presentation of this very interesting topic was bad. The voice was not loud enough, I thought now I fall asleep. Although I have years of experience with postprocessing the presentation of image 1 and 3 was way too fast, nearly no explanation what you do. So i had to replay very often, but some steps I could hardly understand. This is not a course in PS, but with 15 minutes more and louder explanations it would have been an excellent video
    I hope the next postproduction video is much better.

  19. Very informative


    There are so many tricks in Photoshop which I was not aware of and learnt from this course. Thanks Ilya, great lessons .

  20. Good?


    I guess my review is a little different from the others.
    The ideas for the use of only one light were good.
    The rest of the tutorial, I thought was very poorly explained for some one that is starting out. The odd keystroke being used was was highlighted at the bottom of the screen. Most keystrokes were not explained or why they were being done.
    In the end, the tutorial turned out a product that was not acceptable for product photography.

    • Hi Duane, thanks for the review. Unfortunately if I explain every move the tutorial would take forever. Pretty much every tutorial I make would take forever. Therefore instead of me explaining the very same things over and over again in every tutorial you just should do your homework before taking any advanced classes and learn some basics in Photoshop. For example from my tutorials for Studio Basics: https://www.photigy.com/author/ilyaplotnikov/

      I don’t get what you meant by “product that was not acceptable for product photography”. That’s an amazing technique that may help you to get great images with one light. The only thing that left to do with the images before they could be used in advertising is some final cleaning on the bottles. Since I’ve made the tutorial about lighting and composing there’s no reason to clean every detail on those images.

  21. Great beer photography instruction for members


    This is why I bought the pro membership. A very good course with good insights and practical tricks.
    This is my favourite course and compared to the expensive “complete beer photography” course much more effective and useful.

    Cheers Marco

  22. Great intro to upgraded bottle photography


    Keep it simple and clean. Good approach to photographing this bottle of beer. Some helpful tips on the image capture using one light. The post production methods were clear. Sometimes a little quick to make changes and selections and how the masking worked, but without doing the task at the same time as Ilya, I know I’ll watch these steps again. The concepts are transportable to other challenges and the approach is sound. Thanks for making this tutorial available!

  23. I'm sure I'll do good comments after watching the video


    I’m sure I’ll do good comments after watching the video

  24. good to start


    A good content for amateur photographers

  25. Muse see


    You should watch this course if you’re beginner or not familiar with product photography. Ilya talks about techniques in a very clear manner, so you follow each step easily.

  26. Very informative


    I was struggling to get one light propely light a wine bottle. This course has given me some ideas to try. Thank you Ilya.

  27. Awesome course


    This is cool – such cool results with a minimal light. Very simple and very effective – thank you Ilya!

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