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You will learn the most effective techniques in product photography, find out why many photographers struggle to get professionally looking images, and get a list of everything you need to start your own product photography studio:

Find out what equipment you’ll need to start in product photography
Understand how to use the most effective techniques is studio lighting
Learn how to photograph and retouch glass subject

Photigy Online Workshop: Practical Studio Product Photography

Instructor: Alex Koloskov

Shape 88This course – Practical Studio Product Photography is a free course that is built off of several years of tutorials and behind the scenes videos that Alex Koloskov has shared on his blog.

These come both as video training as well as blog posts with images and text discussing specific topics that target on individual areas where you can improve your product photography

Practical Studio Product Photography contains a wide range of topics and will be good for both total beginners as well as those who have some photographic skills, but who want to learn some additional tips and tricks to better their skills.

Certificate from photigy photography school

Course Completion Certificate Included:

After successfully finishing this course you will be issued with a professional certificate from Photigy Photography School.

Professional certification shows potential clients that you are committed to your profession and are well-trained.It gives them confidence in your abilities because it proves that your skills have been evaluated and approved by a well-regarded professional organization.

This course is available for Pro Club members

To apply for this course, please signup to Pro Club membership below. Once subscribed, you will be signed for this course for free and keep access to it while remaining an active subscription.

Course Breakdown:

Total Running Time: Various videos and Blog Posts

Level: Beginner

Part 1: Studio Lighting Techniques and Tricks:

  • Textured Subjects - Shoes: - 12:10

    If not done correctly, photographing shoes, the images can come across looking flat and having no texture. This video highlights the mistakes that people make when shooting textured subjects as well as the best way to fix this problem.

    This is the results I’ve got on this demo (no post-production of any sort) 

    Product Photography 101: things to avoid when shooting a textured subject (like shoes)

  • Self-illuminated Subjects – Droid Phone: -Blog Entry

    This blog entry on how to create shot of a Motorola Droid X2 Phone in a multimedia docking station.


  • Softbox vs. Diffuser in Product Photography: - 9:46

    This is a blog entry that also includes video that looks at the different ways a softbox highlights an object versus using a softbox along with a diffuser to add more of a gradient on a glossy subject.


    atlanta cosmetic product photography lighting setup softbox

Part 2: Glossy Products:

Part 3: Glass and Clear Products:

Part 4: White Background Challenges:

Part 5: Post- Production Techniques – with Genia Larionova:

In Practical Studio Product Photography you will learn the basic skills of product photography that you can take with you for free. The wide range of topics provides you will techniques that will improve your images making them more professional. You will also learn valuable lessons that you can use should you choose to continue your education at Photigy.com. 

Course Curriculum

Studio Lighting Techniques and Tricks
Studio Lighting for Textured Subjects (shoes as an example) 00:12:00
Working with self-illuminated subjects: BTS from a Droid Phone shot 00:15:00
Softbox v.s Diffuser in Product Photography 00:15:00
Glossy Products
Polished Metal Studio Photography: Behind The Scene 00:07:00
How to Photograph Glossy Products in a Studio 00:17:00
Glass and Clear products
How to photograph product made of glass 00:15:00
White background challenges
Shooting macro on a white background 00:30:00
Post-Production Techniques
How to make background white: quick and easy post-production technique in Photoshop 00:00:00
Product photography tip: The fast and easy way to clean dust 00:15:00
Using curves in photoshop for retouching. A Useful trick to unveil image imperfections 00:15:00
Advanced sharpening for web, or how to make images to look sharp and clean 00:15:00
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