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About this learning program for product photographers

In this learning program for product photographer you will learn the basics of still life photography. These are techniques that will open doors to you for a successful career as a commercial product photographer.

The program consists of six modules covering the entire process of a photography shoot: prepping the shoot, the gear and theory behind studio lighting, the specifics of working with various types of products, and the complete post-production in Adobe Photoshop of the images presented in the course.

Each module gradually increases the complexity of the techniques provided, ensuring students acquire skills step-by-step and allowing them practical application of the concepts through the completion of assignments after each module.

About course

Why join the program?

We know you work hard and your time is important so we only teach you what really works.

The instructor of the course, Alex Koloskov, well known photographer and educator that always provides the most practical solutions for common and unusual tasks in product photography. Learning with Alex means no time wasted on things that you’ll never use in your photography. Effectiveness and speed¬† is what makes this program different from others.

As soon as you apply for this certification program, you receive a welcome message from your instructor and will be ready to start the course right away. You can access your course materials from any internet-connected device ‚Äď computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Our innovative online photography courses include multi-media video, audio, and text lessons you review at your own pace.

At the end of each section, you complete a project that is quickly submitted to the school and promptly and expertly evaluated by your instructor who will either accept the assignment or reject it and will provide you with a necessary feedback on how to fix issues and improve your result. 

Upcoming Events for Students

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Course Highlights

¬†‚úĒ¬†Real-life assignment insights from industry professionals

In the final module, we include a real-life case working with a commercial client. We uncover the process of completing a photo job from the very beginning, including the business side as it would happen normally, namely, brainstorming the ideas and then implementing them.

¬†‚úĒ¬†Weekly video session with the instructor

The students will have a chance to ask all the remaining questions during a weekly webinar with the Photigy instructor. We will also run a separate webinar upon the completion of the course, where the students will proudly receive their certificates.

¬†‚úĒ¬†Feedback from the instructor

Feedback from the instructor for submitted homework helps students avoid mistakes and gives them more confidence for working with their own clients in the future.

¬†‚úĒ We help you get your first clients

All students who successfully complete this certification program will be listed as certified professional photographers at Photigy Marketplace for free.

Professional certification at photography school

Professional Certificate Included:

After successfully finishing this program you will be issued with a professional certificate from Photigy Photography School.

Professional certification shows potential clients that you are committed to your profession and are well-trained.It gives them confidence in your abilities because it proves that your skills have been evaluated and approved by a well-regarded professional organization.

40+ hours on-demand video
Certificate of Completion
Access on mobile and TV
Review your work from instructors


How long this program will be going, and how long I'll have access to course's materials?

This is a six month program, and you’ll have access to course materials for 9 month

Can I download videos from this course?

Unfortunately, we do not provide such option.

What if I miss the weekly online webinar?

All webinars will be recorded and placed on a course’s forum for you to watch later

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Some Images From The Program Lessons

Course Curriculum

Starting In Studio Photography: Part 1, Understand the Lighting
Welcome to the certification program for beginners in product photography 00:02:00
Support Webinar For Course students 01:30:00
Gear for Studio Photography: Cameras and Lenses FREE 00:15:00
Gear for Studio Photography: Lighting 00:16:00
Backgrounds in product studio photography part1 00:11:00
Backgrounds in product studio photography (part2) 00:22:00
Backgrounds in product studio photography (part3) 00:14:00
Backgrounds in product studio photography (part4) 00:06:00
Understanding and Creating Gradients (part1) 00:20:00
Understanding and Creating Gradients (part2, practice) 00:25:00
Understanding Reflections (part 1) 00:19:00
Understanding Reflections (part 2, practice) 00:18:00
Textures In Product Photography (part 1) 00:11:00
Textures In Product Photography (part 2, practice) 00:29:00
Refractions In Studio Photography (part 1) 00:12:00
Refractions In Studio Photography (part 2, practice) 00:10:00
Refractions In Studio Photography (part 3, practice) 00:16:00
Refractions In Studio Photography (part 4, practice) 00:08:00
Assignment #1 – Understanding a studio lighting 1 week, 3 days
Starting In Studio Photography: Part 2, Practical Examples
Introduction 00:02:00
Studio Equipment of The Course FREE 00:15:00
Skin Care Product Photography, Part 1: Preparation 00:07:00
Skin Care Product Photography, Part 2: Building a lighting setup FREE 00:11:00
Cosmetics in product photography, Part 3: working on the shot 00:14:00
Skin Care Product Photography, Part 4: Troubleshooting 00:14:00
Skin Care Product Photography, Part 5: Tricks and Enhancements 00:19:00
Skin Care Product Photography, Part 6: Tweaking 00:19:00
Liqueur Bottle: Setup, Lighting, And a Final Shot 00:05:00
Bottle of Vodka Shot: Lighting Setup 00:14:00
Bottle of Vodka Shot: Tweaking 00:05:00
Bottle of Vodka Shot: Setting a White Ballance 00:07:00
Bottle of Vodka Shot: Conclusion 00:04:00
Flower Shot, Part 1: Setup 00:12:00
Flower Shot, Part 2: Working With Camera 00:13:00
Flower Shot, Part 3: Tweaking 00:15:00
Watch Shot, Part 1: Setup and Shooting 00:16:00
Watch Shot, Part 2: Tweaking 00:07:00
Electronics Product Shot Part 1: Setup and Shooting 00:18:00
Electronics Product Shot, Part 2: Tweaking 00:09:00
Boxed Product Shot, Part 1: Lighting Setup 00:11:00
Boxed Product Shot, Part 2: Tweaking 00:14:00
Boxed Product Shot, Part 3: Exploring Colors 00:12:00
Glass and Glossy Dressing Bottles: Fixing reflections 00:07:00
Assignment #2 – Practical Examples 1 week, 3 days
Starting In Studio Photography: Part 3, Post-Production
Perfume Bottle: Post-Production 00:28:00
Vodka Bottle: Post-Production 00:28:00
Electronic Device: Post-Production 00:22:00
Flower (Textured Subject): Post-Production 00:06:00
Glass and Polished Metal: Post-Production 00:12:00
Liqueur Bottle : Post-Production 00:18:00
The Watch Image : Post-Production 00:28:00
Assignment #3 – Post-Production 1 week, 3 days
DIY Starter's Guide To Product Photography
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 1 00:12:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 2 00:12:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 3 00:19:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 4 00:05:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 5 00:12:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 6 00:20:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 7 00:12:00
DIY Guide to product photography: Part 8 00:11:00
Bonus: How to get your first client 00:12:00
Business: Where to start on pricing your photography 00:18:00
Bonus: jewelry on white background 00:15:00
Assignment #4 – DIY Starter’s Guide To Product Photography 1 week, 3 days
Studio Product Photography Essentials (catalog work)
Catalog photography: How to bend plexiglass 00:06:00
Catalog photography: shooting products on a complete white background 00:50:00
Bonus: How to get a white background in-camera with in-studio product photography 00:10:00
Shooting glassware on white background: high-key in product photography 00:20:00
Working with Textured Subjects in a Studio: Shoes 00:38:00
Common Mistakes: Critique and Review (shoes shot) 00:55:00
Working with Glass in Studio: Introduction 00:03:00
Clear Glass on a Black Background 00:03:00
Clear Glass on a White Background 00:40:00
How to photograph glassware on a black background 00:10:00
Common Mistakes in Glass Photography: Critique and Review 00:59:00
Bottle Of Wine: Introduction FREE 00:03:00
Bottle Of Wine on a White Background 00:45:00
Bottle Of Wine on a Black Background 00:11:00
Classic Look of Wine Bottle 00:12:00
Common Mistakes: Critique and Review (wine bottle) 00:30:00
Assignment #5 – Studio Product Photography Essentials 1 week, 3 days
Food Photography for Beginners
1. Introduction. Gear overview 00:16:00
2. Setting Up a Scene for a Crab Plate 00:21:00
3. Macro Shot of a Spoon 00:12:00
4. Rolls on a Black Plate 00:12:00
5. Top Down Shot 00:09:00
6. Styling Tips & Tricks 00:11:00
7. 45 Angle Degrees Shots 00:09:00
8. Dessert 00:12:00
9. How to Shoot Exotic Plates. Part I 00:08:00
10. How to Shoot Exotic Plates. Part II 00:03:00
11. Shooting Pasta on a Black Background 00:09:00
Bonus video. How to Shoot Cakes.Part I 00:04:00
Bonus video. How to Shoot Cakes.Part II 00:04:00
Gear for Food Photography Course 00:00:00
Post-production. Part I 00:22:00
Post-production. Part II 00:23:00
Post-production. Part III 00:43:00
Assignment #6 – Food Photography for Beginners 1 week, 3 days
Liquid and Splash Hi-Speed Photography with Speedlites
Introduction to a Liquid & Splash Photography 00:06:00
The Theory of Lighting (part 1) 00:20:00
X-Sync Shutter Speed and it’s relation to hi-speed photography 00:08:00
Hyper (hi-speed) Sync Explained 00:23:00
Different Types of Flash (strobe) Studio Lighting 00:30:00
Creating Waves 00:25:00
Troubleshooting – And More Waves 00:05:00
Using Colored Liquid in Product Photography 00:18:00
Creating Underwater Product Images 00:20:00
Creating and Shaping Splashes 00:22:00
Milk Splash Product Shot 00:26:00
Advanced Techniques of Shaping a Splash 00:14:00
Bonus: Tips and Tricks for Creating Awesome Splashes FREE 00:04:00
Final Words and Conclusion 00:06:00
Splash Photography Masterclass, part 1 00:44:00
Splash Photography Masterclass, Part 2 00:43:00
Splash Photography Masterclass, Part 3 00:59:00
Splash Photography Masterclass, Part 4 00:59:00
Shaping and modifying splashes in Photoshop: Snail Image 00:16:00
Liquid Wave: Cleaning a Liquid Image in Photoshop 00:19:00
Composite Product Image: Milk and a Bottle of Shampoo 00:42:00
The Making of Godiva Milk & Chocolate Image 00:08:00
Liquid Masterclass post-production and e-book 00:12:00
The making of “Splash Gardens” 00:10:00
Assignment #7 – Liquid and Splash Hi-Speed Photography 1 week, 3 days
Commercial Photography Assignment, The Case Study
Ad Campaign Goals & Ideas 00:12:00
Case Study – Estimate, Pricing and Invocing 00:19:00
Case Study – Preparation & Brainstorming, part 1 00:19:00
Case Study – Preparation & Brainstorming, part 2 00:16:00
Case Study – Props Selection 00:12:00
Case Study – Gear for the course FREE 00:28:00
Case Study – Catalog shooting 1 00:20:00
Case Study – Catalog shooting 2 00:02:00
Case Study – Catalog shooting 3 00:05:00
Case Study – Creative-Shot 00:22:00
Case Study – Creative-Shot – Continues Light & Bokeh 00:12:00
Case Study – Work Process – BTS 00:02:00
Case Study – View Camera Shot 00:17:00
Case Study – View Camera Shot Introduction 00:59:00
Case Study – Sugar pouring 00:15:00
Case Study – Sugar pouring 1 00:11:00
Case Study – Making-Splashes, Introduction 00:02:00
Case Study – High Speed Photography (Splashes) 00:08:00
Case Study – Splashes part – 1 00:19:00
Case Study – Splashing Part 1+1 00:03:00
Case Study – Splashes part – 2 00:23:00
Case Study – Shoting Ball – BTS 00:11:00
Case Study, Post-Production – Ball 1 00:24:00
Case Study, Post-Production – Ball 2 00:24:00
Case Study, Post-Production – Ball 3 00:13:00
Case Study, Post-Production – White sugaring 00:13:00
Case Study, Post-Production – Stick Macro 00:17:00
Case Study, Post-Production: With Butterflies 00:09:00
Case Study, Post-Production – Jar on white 00:15:00
Case Study, Post-Production: 3 Yellow jars 00:09:00
Case Study, Post-Production, Splash 1 00:24:00
Case Study, Post-Production, Splash 2 00:24:00
Case Study – Setup for Video Production 00:14:00
Assignment #8 – Commercial Photography Assignment 1 week, 3 days
The Final Assignment
Course Feedback – Thank you! 00:02:00
Diploma Work 00:02:00

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