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Studio Basics Photographer’s Bootcamp (starter course)

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This is a course for newcomers to Studio Basics program on Photigy, photographers who just starting learning studio photography and looking for a guidance on where to start.

You’ll find in this course tutorials from Studio Basics Library, grouped into sections and in the order that we recommend to go through.

About the Course

This course is for you, if you:

  • Looking for a fast and simple way to start taking photos of still life subjects in the studio
  • Do not have much experience in studio product/liquid/jewelry photography
  • Looking forward to buy a necessary gear for your first studio setup and unsure where to start
  • Member of Studio Basics program

This course is exclusively available for Studio Basics subscribers

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Course Completion Certificate Included:

After successfully finishing this course you will be issued with a professional certificate from Photigy Photography School.

Professional certification shows potential clients that you are committed to your profession and are well-trained.It gives them confidence in your abilities because it proves that your skills have been evaluated and approved by a well-regarded professional organization.

Course Breakdown:

Total Running Time:  3.5h hours

Level:  Beginner 


  • Part 01 - Choosing a right equipment for a studio photographer

    Webinar Recording for Studio Basics program

    Choosing a right equipment for a studio photographer video screen

  • Part 02 - Camera and Lens Selection Basics for Studio Beginners

    What you need to know about cameras and lenses to get started in your studio photography journey.

  • Part 03 - How to setup your camera for studio photography

    The starting point for setting up your camera for studio lighting


  • Part 04 - The 3 Most Popular Light Modifiers You Must Master

    In this tutorial, Vadim Chiline, a professional commercial photographer specializing in luxury products will share the 3 must-know light modifiers you must master in order to become a successful commercial product photographer.

  • Part 05 - 101 Studio Lighting: Glossy vs Matte subjects in studio photography

    Understanding the Lighting is essential for studio photographers. In product, jewelry and still life photography, we work with 3 types of subjects (by finish): glossy, matte and mix of both.



  • Part 06 - Professional photography without professional equipment: myth and reality

    How to create an eye-catching product shot without using any professional equipment.


  • Part 07 - JPEG vs. RAW Basics for Studio Photographers

    There is some debate over JPEG vs. RAW, though it is generally accepted that RAW is a better format. But, why? Timothy Kou explains.




  • This course is listed free - can I join it without being Studio basics member?

    – No, this course is listed free because it is free for members of Studio Basics program, so they can join it any time. You may consider joining our educational program to get access to this course and hundreds tutorials listed on SB library 

This course is exclusively available for Studio Basics subscribers

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Course Curriculum

Choosing a right equipment for a studio photographer 02:00:00
Camera and Lens Selection Basics for Studio Beginners 00:19:00
How to setup your camera for studio photography 00:30:00
Lighting techniques
The 3 Most Popular Light Modifiers You Must Master 00:11:00
101 Studio Lighting: Glossy vs Matte subjects in studio photography 00:14:00
Professional photography without professional equipment: myth and reality 00:00:00
JPEG vs. RAW Basics for Studio Photographers 00:17:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of Linda Mandy

    Great course, one step closer

    Great easy to follow video’s, one step closer to building a business in Studio Photography

  2. Profile photo of dduholke

    Well explained basics.

    Great explanation of basic topics along with supporting video made for an interesting course.

  3. Profile photo of Mark

    Easy, thank you.

    Thank you. A little too basic for me but still some pointers that I gained. Looking forward to the next instalments

  4. Profile photo of

    Good start

    Some useful tips in here. A good start, but looking forward to getting to more advanced topics

  5. Profile photo of Rob Nelson

    Good intro

    A good introduction and covered all the basics, quite liked the video on shutter speeds and the water splashes to demonstrate camera settings.

  6. Profile photo of Rainer

    Wonderfull summary

    Now i like to begin product photography. Since I already have done some porträts I have a lot of this lightning stuff.

  7. Profile photo of songy knox

    Very informative

    Splash work always used to baffle me. Now with Tim’s explanation, it makes all sense. Not a newbie in studio work but this basic stuff was worth watching. Thanks!

  8. Profile photo of FREDENIM

    Good introduction

    Good informations, not very new to me because I started product protagraphy 2 month ago with free tutorials on Photigy and youtube. Something interisting is the use of macro lenses, that I didn’t take into account. For the moment I can practice without this type of lens but I understand will be useful in the future.

  9. Profile photo of Roland

    Great intruductory course

    This course gives good overview what product photography is about. You get basic understanding how to use camera and lights. Some areas can be explained bit more in-depth. For example bit more information about how light works could be useful. But in overall I’m happy with course. Good refresher for me.

  10. Profile photo of Salim

    Great Course for beginner

    This course covered all the basics in studio equipment and product photography in Professional way …. and also is good for refresh …. Thanks photigy

  11. Profile photo of Asmaa


    good information .. for beginner,I like it and happy with course.
    Thanks .

  12. Profile photo of michael

    Great intruductory course

    Great Info for someone starting out. Tons of great information for a beginner!

  13. Profile photo of Mechelle Yates

    Loved this course!

    I am amazed at how much I have learned. Thank you for all the valuable information.

  14. Profile photo of Manu

    Good starting point.

    A very good introduction for beginners not only in product photography, in general photography too. Although I’m not new in photgraphy it’s been great for me to review some concepts. Want more…!

  15. Profile photo of Ramon

    A little to beginner.

    Good basics throughout. The difference between diffuser types and the differences they can make in product photography v.s portrait was very useful. Lesson 1 in my opinion should be reshot and made shorter by going to the point on various subjects.

  16. Profile photo of Maria Firpi

    Very useful and beneficial.

    My favorite one was the difference between shooting the glossy object vs. the matte one. So well explained. I think it’s great to always have the basics explained.

  17. Profile photo of Maurice

    great course

    i learned many new things i cant wait for the next course!!

  18. Profile photo of Alicja

    Must have for every beginner

    I’ve got proper arrangement in thinking about such complex task as product photography, its amazing knowledge for me and very inspiring!

  19. Profile photo of Miguel

    The basics!

    A must have for a studio photographer, from zero to the stars ;)

  20. Profile photo of Yaroslav Luk'yanchenko

    Many useful information for beginners.

    I really like 1st and 3rd part of this curse! Especially 1st. So much interesting info. 3rd will give you an answer of how to “freeze” water correct.
    Other parts are good too, but explained not too much. But it’s only a start, right? ;)

    Thank you guys for your job!

  21. Profile photo of jserrano29

    Studio Basics starter course

    This is a very informative and insightful course for those just getting started in studio photography. Lots of good, practical information here, with valuable links to other resources where appropriate.

  22. Profile photo of

    Great Intro to light modifiers

    Great little introduction to different light modifiers and how objects of high reflectance look when lit by them

  23. Profile photo of Stefania

    really good basics course

    It’s an excellent course for beginners with clear explanations and hints.

  24. Profile photo of Catarina João

    Great first experience

    I’ve just subscribe to Photigy Pro Club and this is my firts course. In such a short amount of time I’ve already learned so much! It’s really inspiring to know that to be a photographer, all you have to do is just practice. Yes, the equiment is very important, but it’s not everything! The most important thing is the photographer. Thank you all, you are fabulous instructors.

  25. Profile photo of Tom

    Nice starting point with some good exercises

    I have used speedlights for years and now am starting with Studio Strobes. Found this a practical starting course for adding a new skill set.

  26. Profile photo of Mika Larson

    Great intro course to product photography in studio

    This was my first course on Photigy, and even though it was mostly information and not too much shooting, I learned a lot! Looking forward to more courses.

  27. Profile photo of Thomas

    Great review for any level of photographer.

  28. Profile photo of

    Good start with the basics but should improve

    The difference between direct reflections, diffuse reflections and glare not mentioned. The photographer take the reflections of light. So each reflection should be explained throughly. The module focuses on direct reflections only. Which is very restricting. There should be a clear definition of specular higlight, specular edge transfer and shadow edge transfer. This things are just called gradient. Not enough for a paid course. Other information about camera settings, lens effects is decent

  29. Profile photo of Ben Muffett


    Really enjoyed this course, some of it I knew but some very important gems of information that will be invaluable!

  30. Profile photo of Mark Denman

    Great foundation for beginners

    I’m not a beginner, but its always good to review. This is a perfect course for someone who is just navigating their way through all of this. Very well put together. Well done!

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