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Become a master in beer and beverage photography. Everything you need to know is in this course, brought to you by photographers from Doberman Studio.

Authors: Ilya and Max Plotnikov

Shooting beer is a whole separate area in advertising photography. As well as one of the most interesting. There are quite a few advertising photographers that made their careers on this single area of expertise.

In general I would say if you understand how to take a great picture of a glossy transparent product – you can shoot almost anything else. That’s what makes beverage photography is one of the most important themes to dig into.

This course is for you, if you:

  • Have¬†some experience with studio lighting and want to learn or improve your skills in a bottled beverage photography.
  • Learn how to photograph fast and easy with the minimum lighting gear, using it in with a¬†very effective shooting techniques shown in this course.
  • Would like to become a pro in shooting beer and get enough confidence for¬†working for major local or worldwide brands.
  • Interested in improving of your post production skills.

Images From The Course

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Course Breakdown:

Total Running Time:  3h 45m

Level:  Professional

Photo Shoot

  • Lenses - Photo Shoot - 10min

    Proper focal length is one of the keys to making a great photo. I go through several most common for commercial photography focal lengths and angles and compare results with ad pictures of different beer brands.



  • Lighting Part I - Photo Shoot - 11min

    In order to achieve success in advertising photography one should first learn all basic tools and techniques that allow to get any desirable result. How to get a nice clean reflex on the bottle, how to create a fading reflex, how to avoid interference of several lights – these and other questions are answered in this and the next part.

  • Lighting Part II - Photo Shoot - 19min

    Second and final part about lighting.

  • Miller - Photo Shoot - 20min

    Classic “American” lighting scheme with one light behind the bottle and centered light on the label.

  • Miller Can - Photo Shoot - 9min

    Some ideas could be much easier realized on retouching instead of creating a complicated lighting scheme. This image is an example of how simple post production can save a lot of time and allow to receive an impressive result.



  • Heineken - Photo Shoot - 22min

    European style of shooting beer. Very delicate fading reflexes and calm mood.

  • Grolsch - Photo Shoot - 18min

    Sometimes advertising images are based on a logo embossed on a glass. In this case the main goal is to show the beauty of shapes.



  • Tuborg - Photo Shoot - 11min

    The whole new approach to shooting beer by making a series of images with just one light at a time and composing lights on post production.

Post Production

  • Stella Artois - Post Production - 21min

    Retouching of Stella Artois bottle and working on the background.

  • Miller - Post Production - 24min

    Retouching of the first image and creating a background with a glow underneath the bottle.



  • Miller Can - Post Production - 7min

    Retouching of the second image by composing three pictures into one image.

  • Heineken - Post Production - 22min

    Retouching of the third image and creating a nice classic green Heineken background.

  • Grolsch - Post Production - 11min

    Retouching of the fourth and five images. Color correction and composing of different parts of the images.



  • Tuborg - Post Production - 21min

    Retouching of the sixth image. An innovating technique of composing lights which give a great flexibility in a post production process.

Final Images you'll be able to create yourself

Tuborg - preview

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Course Curriculum

Photo Shoot
Beer Photography – 01. Lenses – Photo Shoot 00:10:00
Beer Photography – 02. Lighting Part I – Photo Shoot 00:11:00
Beer Photography – 03. Lighting Part II – Photo Shoot 00:19:00
Beer Photography – 04. Miller – Photo Shoot 00:20:00
Beer Photography – 05. Miller Can – Photo Shoot 00:09:00
Beer Photography – 06. Heineken – Photo Shoot 00:22:00
Beer Photography – 07. Grolsch – Photo Shoot 00:18:00
Beer Photography – 08. Tuborg – Photo Shoot 00:11:00
Post Production
Beer Photography – 09. Stella Artois – Post Production 00:21:00
Beer Photography – 10. Miller – Post Production 00:24:00
Beer Photography – 11. Miller Can – Post Production 00:07:00
Beer Photography – 12. Heiniken – Post Production 00:22:00
Beer Photography – 13. Grolsch – Post Production 00:11:00
Beer Photography – 14. Tuborg – Post Production 00:21:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Great Tutorial with a "BUT"


    I think the tutorial is great, but only if your post production skills are at a high level

    I found it extremely hard trying to follow the steps taken in the post production – headache time having to rewind, pause and then take extreme care to watch every single step bit by bit to ensure you have the right tool at the right step.

    I take my hat of to Ilya – his post is great, but this tutorial is definitely not for beginners, IMHO, even a medium PS user would have problems

  2. Perfect course


    Fantastic course that learn how to get best results with basic equipment. But at the same it means if you dont have idea to iluminate and to retouch the product, need to be patiently to understand that need to study and the tecniques for exceptional results.

    Highly recomended

  3. 4

    There is a lot of good information in this course. I found it necessary to always watch on a very large screen so I could actually read the PS screen in the post production units. It was sometimes hard to follow what was being done in post production, probably due to my lack of PS knowledge.

  4. Excellent Course!


    This is an excellent course for those who would like to see how a professional photographer with “real world” equipment can make stunning commercial quality images. I don’t have the option of being able to assist a professional photographer to learn the “insider” tips and techniques of what it takes to make a commercial advertising product image. This is as close as you can get to see the actual “behind-the-scenes” of how it’s done (along with mistakes and corrections) and will give you good “visual” experience. Of course, you will have to practice the techniques shown here to gain your own “real” experience.

    The very first video gave me a bunch of new information and insight when Ilya explains perspective and different focal lengths employed in beer advertisements. I sometimes get stuck in a rut and do things just one way. I found there are many different ways to get a particular look. Just the first video was worth the cost for the course.

    Ilya is a master at post-production with Photoshop. He’s really fast at it. Much faster than I am. Although I consider myself pretty good at Photoshop, I did have some trouble following some of things Ilya does in processing the images. It would be good if some of the post-processing steps went a little slower with a bit more explanation. Of course, it’s all there, I just have to stop and rewind the videos to keep catching up. Maybe someday I’ll get this fast with Photoshop too!

    Again, I couldn’t recommend this course more highly for the aspiring commercial photographer. It’s almost as good as assisting Ilya in person. Thanks to Ilya and Alex for this course!

  5. Great tutorial!


    Great course! The result is stunning and it’s really good to see EVERY part of the workflow, both shooting and retouch. One of the most valuable things for me was learning how to prep the bottle/can before shooting. I actually ordered that exact dulling spray online. Eager to try it out! I tried another method of dulling the bottles but the result was that the water drops did not bead up the way I wanted to. I’ll give it another try when I have the right product. Also gonna add som fake ice cubes to the shots and maybe work with water splash brushes in the post production.

    Sometimes in the videos during shooting the gear doesn’t work and it all seems a bit unprepared, and these parts get a bit boring to watch, but everybody who has tried knows that this is what happens when you work in the studio. I also think the level of details explained, or rather not explained, in Photoshop is VERY good! Finally a tutorial where the tempo is good and fast and you don’t have to listen to beginner level stuff where the author explains how a layer mask works, how to invert a mask, what curves are etc. That’s what I’ve been missing when looking at tutorials online.

    There is a LOT of post production to some of these images, and sometimes I knew faster and more effective ways to do stuff myself, but it’s good to see that there are no shortcuts to really good images. If it was easy then everyone would do it.

    I always see tutorials as a starting point to develop from and create my own versions of a certain theme or technique. Making the exact same image as in the tutorial is not really original. This tutorial will give me a very good start to create great my own product images. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the review, Markus! I’m sure you’ll be surprised with perfect water drops size and shape when you use matte spray.

      If you feel like sharing the results please feel free to send me your photos. And of course advices how could certain things be done more effective. For instance a Photigy instructor Andrey Mikhaylov tought me that if you double click on mask you can set its Feather. And I was doing it old school way for years, didn’t even know they added this feature.

  6. Unfortunately not worth the money, bcause of available "beer photography with one light"


    I have been waiting for this course since 2 weeks and did not know that I need to paid 98‚ā¨ extra dollars although being pro member. Of course I attended the beer photography course with one light before, which was great!
    The Miller, Grolsch and Tuborg pictures are stunning – I really like them!
    So my expectations for this course were quite high. But after watching the 14 videos I did not find much new content for the money. The lighting procedure is every time the same as already explained in the free course. Also the post-production does not give any extra information. The videos are longer, but could have been edited much shorter as there were to many time fillers to make the video unnecessarily long. When the trainer is fighting with the equipment or asking for his assistant this could easily cut out of the video.
    Most of the actions are pure repetitions in the studio work and in Photoshop, very few new information.
    So I just found two news in the video for 100 bucks – the handling and spraying of the bottles and how to fix a skewed label, that’s all.
    What I really missed is the photography of a glass of beer which many clients want. So there are not hints how to handle dark beer and how to get a nice beer foam and so on. Just transparent bottles and cans. So I cannot see this as a complete beer photography guide, really.
    The speech of the trainer could be more motivating, sometimes I felt that he does not like what he is teaching…

    Again, great pictures, but too few new information compared to the free beer course.
    Sorry, I do not see the value. I think is was a bad idea to provide the free beer course before.

    Cheers Marco

    • Marco, thanks for the review. “Beer photography with one light” is a fun trick (no questions here) I shared with Photigy members, but it’s still just a trick. You might get great photos by using it but the result is not quite predictable and you definitely cannot use it while working with worldwide ad agencies and their clients. On the other hand “The Complete Guide to Beer Photography & Post-Production” course shows the actual workflow on any high level commercial project. Everything you see in this course came from our actual experience of collaboration with agencies such as BBDO, DDB, McCann etc.

      As for the content of the course itself, I don’t separate final result from the workflow. You’re saying you liked the result, but you didn’t find anything new and I find it hard to understand. Well, that’s how you do images like that, there are no magic, it’s all about nuances you need to feel and understand. For instance, if you’re just a regular person then all beer photos in the world are the same, just different labels. For a photographer they’re all different. And as more you do it, the more differences you notice.

      I bet if you try to recreate the same images you’ll find a lot there and see the difference. Overall purpose of the course is to help you create high-end images for your portfolio and eventually start making money as a photographer. And when you do you most likely make ten times of the course price from the very first project.

      I’ll be glad to help you on every step and make sure you’ve created the same (or even better) images yourself.

      Of course if you already can make such images yourself you won’t find much new information in the course, but in this case there’s just no point to take this course, I guess. You’ve probably been waiting for more interesting tricks like I showed in “Beer photography with one light”, but the truth is that the real life advertising photography is all about hard work and experience.

      PS: I’m still working on being more motivating and smiling more on my videos. Unfortunately those things don’t come easy. I’ve been doing advertising photography for over ten years now and it was always about the result. Now when I’m an instructor it became not only about the result but also about the whole process and I’m still getting used to it.


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