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Length does matter: Creative Uses for Different Focal Lengths Lenses

An overview of how to use telephoto, standard and wide angle lenses creatively in studio.

In another tutorial, instructor Timothy Kou talked about what effects different focal lengths will have on am image, and the varying degrees of distortion that you’ll encounter with each focal length.

In this tutorial, Tim will look at the practical uses for these focal lengths.  He will be discussing how to use telephoto, standard and wide angle lenses to come up with creative shots for product photography.

You will learn:

  • The practical differences between telephoto, standard and wide angle lenses
  • How to find creative angles using different focal lengths
  • Some of the strengths and weaknesses of wide angle lenses

This tutorial builds on concepts learned in:

Final Telephoto Image

Final Standard Image

Final Wide Angle Image

Wide Angle Image


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This is a tutorial from Photigy Studio Basics program


5 responses on "Length does matter: Creative Uses for Different Focal Lengths Lenses"

  1. Thanks Tim, it is still hard to me to understand this clearly, and how to decide which picture or position is the winner one..

  2. Great video Tim, is always a pleasure to watch your tutorials. I had no idea, that the differences are so big, I’m glad I learned a new thing. Thanks!

  3. Thanks Tim,
    You have added some new perspective to my future images.

    Now we just have to answer the age old question, “Do women prefer men with longer lenses?”
    It seems you have proven it’s not about the length but more about how you use it. :^)

  4. I have to admit that I have never tried the same shot with different lenses, I am now going have to play with them.

    Thanks Tim

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