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DIY solutions for jewelry photography

This e-book is about jewelry photography. Gemstone necklace to be specific.

It will be useful for hobbyists who need to create photos of their craft without spending much money for the lighting and camera as well as for jewelry photographers who are looking to learn new ways on how to get the job done.

Originally I’ve created a simple and non-expensive lighting technique for shooting DIY gemstone necklaces and bracelets for my wife and her friends. They have a hobby of crafting gemstone jewelry and need good quality images for their website.
After I found how successful and easy to use these techniques, we have decided to create this e-videobook and make it available for others who are looking for the same information.

Author: Alex Koloskov

In the book I will show how to shoot necklaces using a DIY shooting cone. However, the same technique can be used for other type of jewelry and gemstone photography. As usual in all my tutorials, I concentrate on how to use the lighting.

If you understand how each light affects the image and what role light modifier play, you could use the same approach to shoot another, different from what I’ve showed you in the book subjects, and get a great professional looking images.

The e-book consist from actual PDF e-book and embed and attached videos. Both are required to learn the techniques I show here.

Sample gallery of photos from this tutorial:

Who will benefit from this e-book:

  • Hobbyists who need to create images of their own craft themselves without hiring a professional photographer and buying expensive studio lighting.
  • Jewelry photographers who are looking to expand their knowledge with new ideas and techniques (i.e shooting with cone).
  • Curious photographers who are wondering what I have released this time:-)

Experience level:

  • Intermediate to advanced with the camera, beginner with the studio lighting.

What is required:

  • Understanding of camera controls, camera shooting modes and exposure compensation.
  • Any digital camera and LED household lighting.
  • We use Adobe Photoshop CS5 for post-production, and you may need to have it: otherwise we do not guarantee that the same operations can be found in your particular, other then Photoshop editor.
  • Be smart.

What you will receive:

  • Chance to learn how to photograph gemstone necklaces and other jewelry products with household LED lighting and DIY shooting cone.
  • 40 pages e-book in PDF format with embed 54 minutes of video.
  • Over 45 minutes of  videos, including a post-production in Photoshop.
  • The Bonus: Find out how to efficiently use cheap P&S camera to get professional-grade images for web.
  • 30 day no question asked money back guarantee.
  • UPDATE: Now with the ring shot included!



This e-book Is a part of Jewelry Photography Course: 

5 responses on "DIY solutions for jewelry photography"

  1. Alex, if I buy the $125 ebook for my wife, and she likes it enough to continue to the $695 complete course, and I upgrade it for the difference in cost at a later date?


  2. Hi
    I noted a book on post production
    i am specifically seeking help in some specificat techniques in retouching photos of rings and jewlery in silver and gold
    i cant seem to find that book, or maybe i mistatkenly thought it existed by Genia?

  3. Dear Alex:)

    I am really sorry I am asking you on the beginning, but because I have bad experience I need ask you. I am interested with DIY Solutions ebook and 30 day no question asked money back guarantee. what does mean? how it’s working. it’s risk for you as sometimes people are not honest. If I will buy this ebook and I will feel I am not happy because it’s not cover my expectation can I give you back ebook?

    Is any retouching techniques inside ebook?

    best regards


    • Jacek,
      30 day money back guarantee means that if you did not like the product your bought from us, than we’ll refund the money to you per your request. E-books can’t be returned, but money can:-)
      Yes, sometimes people are not honest, but I keep this policy because I believe in good.
      A for the question about post-production: Yes, we have a post-production video in this e-book.

      Does this answer your questions? Please let me know.

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