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Einstein E640 studio strobe giveaway: Choosing a winner

We had a giveaway of a Paul C Buff Einstein E640 studio strobe, and now we’re going to find who the winner is…



The procedure of selecting a winner is simple (we did it already like this several times, and it worked awesome):

  1. I’ve created a list of all the purchase transactions for “Tabletop Essentials” and “Liquid Essentials” packs made between 1st and 31st of December 2012 and pasted it into an excel spreadsheet.
  2. Went to random.org, set the range and hit “generate”. The number 48 appeared under “Result”.
  3. The rest was easy: Below is the screenshot of that spreadsheet, get a drink if you find your name around (outside) the red cell. Fortune just smiled at you, but kissed another:-)
Selecting the winner
Selecting the winner

Congratulations Andre Haynes!

It was cool that you got the Liquid Photography Essentials pack. The Einstein strobe will do wonders for you. With it’s super short flash duration you can freeze¬†the craziest¬†splash’s ever:-)
Check out my test of this amazing performer: Paul C. Buff Einstein 640 in-depth flash duration test: action v.s constant color mode and  Einstein 640 V2 in-studio flash duration test: hi-speed strobe was never affordable like this.

 Now I am going to order a brand new E640 strobe for Andre, and it will come with the wireless receiver. Wow, now I feel like Santa again :-)))

Thank you everyone who took a part of this giveaway, you are lucky guys as well, you have a great stuff to explore and become experts in studio photography.

I think it was a great giveaway, do we need more like this? Leave a comment and let me know.

 Happy New year!

1 responses on "Einstein E640 studio strobe giveaway: Choosing a winner"

  1. Ahhhhhh! I was sooo close! :)

    Congratulations Andre!

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