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Equipment for a studio product photographer: what do we use and what we are going to buy.

Most of my equipment I buy on B&H Photo Video.com and Paul C. Buff web-stores. On B&H I have these wish lists, where I keep everything I was buying or going to buy.  I am a long-term customer of B&H, and I think they have one of the  best customer support + reasonable pricing.
Also, I have an affiliate program with B&H, so every purchase can be considered as a silent support for this blog: this is  AD-free zone, and affiliate did not change anything. I was using links to B&H product pages long time before they offered me to become an affiliate. What the really cool about being affiliate is that B&H start offering me products for testing and reviews, and I am going to work on some interesting comparison shots using different cameras and the lighting very soon (like this? stay tuned:-).

Back to my wish lists:
All the gear has very different  quality/pricing:  I prefer to save on non-critical parts (like support for reflectors and some tiny holders) but like to use a proven quality products for the major things like lighting and camera support. Expensive gear requires a good support, and I do not like compromises in that area.
Hope these lists may help those who is looking for new/upgrade stuff for the studio: we can discuss every item, as I might be already using one or may have some thoughts on why to buy that particular product. As you’ll see, there is not many product there: I was not trying to put ALL the useful stuff, but the only what I am using or going to use.¬† There is a note on some of the items I’ve added, it may help you to see why I have it in the list.

I really like the idea of public shopping/wish lists: it is easy to organize and update them. I’ll be putting new stuff on these wish lists as soon as I’ll figure out that I need something:-) Also, if you have any suggestions or know some cool product(s) which can be added here, please post in a comment: I’ll add them.

This is more like a testing of the idea of having shared shopping list: if you’ll find useful, I will create some sort of public blog-based list, where we can have all the cool products from a different merchants.

My shopping list:

studio support and accessories for product photographer

Studio Support and accessories

Light modifiers


Lenses for studio photography

Camera support+misc lighting

Camera cleaning/prop accessories

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18 responses on "Equipment for a studio product photographer: what do we use and what we are going to buy."

  1. hi my friend

    i need camera for eCommerce site . i have online store and i need camera for take pic dress & clothes

    and i need camera for modeling ( model for clothes)

    please guide me ??

  2. Alex,
    Can you please tell me what brackets you are using with the Manfroto geared head that attaches to the camera and what you are using to get the camera away from the geared head. My thanks.

  3. I will love to buy a new tripod and let me correct it that actually I wanted to buy a new tripod dearly because I don’t have one but hoping to save. This light modifiers is one of my top list too.

  4. I don’t know metric and I’m too old to change, so a quick google says 3mm is “less than 1/8′ inch? I was thinking of getting this (table you recommend), but I want to put 40 pound dogs or babies on it. Will 3mm support that weight?
    Thanks and can’t wait to sign up for the Masterclass! Love your blog

    • Debbi,
      I do not think such table will be a good idea for any living things; kids may roll out, dog is too heavy, etc.
      A regular seamless roll of white paper will work much better, IMO. Just roll it on a floor, it will’ make perfect shooting surface.

      Thank you!

  5. Hi Alex – I was just watching your splash video. :) Lots of fun! I was thinking about your setup and was wondering if you could tell me the thickness of that acrylic/plexi sheet you have mounted to your Manfrotto still life table. Manfrotto doesn’t list that spec. Is it 1/16 in. or 1/8 in. or what?

    Great stuff, looking forward to more!

    • Matthew,
      Sorry, have no idea:-) Somewhere about 3 mm would be my guess. I still can’t think in pieces of inches, metric is in my mind:-))
      I’ve sen your blog, very nice! What the view camera is that you are using?
      Thanks for stopping by:-)

      • Thank you! If it’s close to 3mm, that’s all I need to know. :)

        Thanks for visiting my blog. I shoot with a Cambo Ultima, it’s a fantastic body for digital work with precise movements. I also have a Cambo Master PC and I love it too. I was searching for Cambo parts one day and that’s how I found your blog, in fact.


  6. Great list, Alex! I thought I should contribute an alternate solution to the MK Digital Direct Holding Wax you linked to. People in the B&H reviews seem to complain a lot that the wax is yellow and difficult to remove in post. I’ve been actually very successful using a different (and maybe a tad unusual) type of wax for everything from jewelry to any kind of product I need to hold still: ortho wax. It’s generally used to relieve tension and irritation on dental braces – but the beauty of this wax is that it’s clear, and quite malleable, while still strong.

    You can get a small case of it for something like $2 at your favorite drug store (I know RiteAid carries it: http://www.riteaidonlinestore.com/g-u-m-butler-ortho-wax-mint/qxp15481). I generally have a few cases on hand.

  7. The camera I use belongs to the museum and was used by all sorts of people before me so it was pretty dirty. I was getting alot of out-of-focus spots in my images from dust on the CCD glass. Some of my fellow museum people recommended Visible Dust products. I bought this (http://www.visibledust.com/products3.php?pid=417) and it worked wonders! I have a before and after photo that I’ll try to load up here. Oops, the photos are on my computer, not on a website … so perhaps if alot of people want to see them, I could email them somewhere. Anyway, thanks Alex.

    • I was trying to use that arctic butterfly from them brush, but ended up covering sensor with some oil (probably I’ve touched camera insides while moving brush to a sensor). Now that spinning brush is used to clean jewelry and small objects and it works great!
      They’ve got a lot of good stuff anyway, agree with you.
      Thank you;-)

  8. tks Alex for the list.

  9. Hi Alex,

    I have ordered from B&H for years also…..arnt’ they great! My wish list keeps growing!

  10. Nice list Alex. I’ve got this “http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/269756-REG/Novoflex_MS_30_Magic_Studio_System.html”

  11. I love your list!

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