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Fine Light and Dark Backgrounds in Photoshop Within Ten Minutes

It might be a pretty complicated task to create a great background with a camera and lights. That’s when Photoshop comes into play once again. I’d like to share some of techniques that I’ve been using over the years and teach you to create fine backgrounds in minutes.

You will learn to:
• Basic tools and manipulations in Photoshop
• Create a beautiful light and dark backgrounds that you can use for multiple times in future projects with minimal twiks

Video Tutorial - Creating a Light Background


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This is a tutorial from Photigy Studio Basics program

Video Tutorial - Creating a Dark Background


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This is a tutorial from Photigy Studio Basics program

9 responses on "Fine Light and Dark Backgrounds in Photoshop Within Ten Minutes"

  1. hahahaha I meant to say ‘relevance’ not reverence !!

  2. hi Ilya, thanks for this, a helpful tutorial.

    I have a question ….. I’m trying to create a separate background for an existing image I have which is:

    293.5M size,
    Width 6200 pixels and
    Height 8272 Pixels

    I noticed for your ‘creating a lighter background’ tutorial, you used a brush with a 2000 pixels size. Please could you let me know your thinking in choosing this size and the reverence ……(apologies if this is a basic question, I just wasn’t aware of the actual pixel sizes of the brushes, I just thought the brush was larger or small in brush size, but after watching your tutorial, I became aware of that I could enlarge or reduce the brush size and the pixel number stayed the same !!)

    and if you could let me know what you suggest I use for the size image I have mentioned above please

    many thanks

    • Hi Jillian, it’s a glitch of screen grabbing program, for some reason it doesn’t show actual size of brush :( You were absolutely right, if you change pixel size of the brush, its actual size also changes.

      I’d suggest to use the largest brush you can and if that’s not enough you can you free transform to enlarge size of a light spot.

  3. Thanks Ilya. Great tutorial.

  4. Thanks a lot Ilya!!! Great stuff. Learned lots of new for me.

  5. Successfully making your subject fit into your background naturally is a difficult thing to do and this is a good way to do it. It also helps if you have an “eye” for what looks correct and natural.

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