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Why we stop using Godox SL LED lights. Demonstration of the issue

Why we stop using Godox SL LED lights. Demonstration of the issue

We tested Godox Sl100W and Godox SL200W and found this. The very serious issue for us, which makes unacceptable to use both units in the same lighting setup.

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9 responses on "Why we stop using Godox SL LED lights. Demonstration of the issue"

  1. Hi Alex , so which brand light do you suggest in remplacement for jewellery video ??? Think photographer have all accessories of his flash light brand…. As a broncolor user have you already think to test Broncolor HMI F200 https://www.broncolor.swiss/broncolor/products/continuous-light/showproduct/hmi-f200-lamp-head/#.W5qTUC3pPUI

    Of course it’s not the same price as Godox but improve quality of light and post production

    Best regards

  2. Alex,
    I definitely think you should continue the Friday critiques. I found them interesting and very educational. I did not submit any images yet but I always learned something new from the critique. I especially liked when you had time to demonstrate a technique or show how you would resolve an issue. I think you need to divide the time among critique, new techniques or ideas and some form of basic skill needed to progress to the next level. To be honest, I was blown away by the amount of incredible talent in the Pro Club that I was reluctant to post any of my amateur shots. I was really sorry to see Studio Basics go away. I would be more wiling to post among that group than Pro Club. If you don’t do the Friday talk, then how would I get to post any images from my Studio Product Essentials course? Please Alex, continue with Friday talk, only new and improved.

  3. Hi Alex,
    This comment is about the Friday talks. For me it was useful as it was a way to get comments on submitted work and learn from others. I was not always able to watch in live due to the different time zone, but most of the time I was watching during the next weekend. But indeed I found this sometimes too long. But how to reduce? If you reduce, then you need to cut/select/images, this could be frustrating for students that are not selected ….
    One reason I was first attracted by your Friday talks was the lack of feedback / comments on the forum posts. When I started with Photigy courses (I am not a professional) I got the impression that in the cost of the course was also included feedback from the instructor on posted ‘homework’. I have the impression it is not really the case. I started to post my work in the forum but got no feedback. So perhaps I was wrong, bad assumption perhaps? When looking in some of the forums, I have the impression there is not a lot of activities.
    So beside the Friday talks I started to post on the Facebook group where I dot necessarily get comment from the teacher but from the other members which is already something.
    So if it is get your feedback/comments/recommendations, and with the objective of reducing the time without having to cut too much in the numbers one idea could be:
    – have students posting their work for review as done before with the Friday talks
    – then you create and record your comment/critiques (off line, not live)
    – then you post the video with the work of the different students that can be watched by the others

    Disadvantage, it is not live, you do not have a direct contact with your students as during the Friday talks and you can not answer questions on an interactive mode
    Advantage, spending less time in answering these questions during the critique session, so video is shorter. The option could be given to ask questions after the video is posted, which could be good to have some interaction and view how the post is watched and perceived. Also, you are working ‘off-line’ and you can perhaps better manage your time.
    Just an idea :-)

  4. I appreciate your efforts and would appreciate it if you would continue to post these videos. Use your best judgement about length or depth. You’re a good teacher.

    A side question – do you have any experience with the Godox / Flashpoint XPLOR 600 lights?

    All the best.

  5. Hey Alex,

    having different colors tints with LED lights is a common problem. LED chips are mass produced in large amounts and slight differences in color appearance and light output are inevitable. No light manufacturer, as far as I know, produces the LEDs themselves. There is something called binning which is a way to sort chips so that all LEDs from one particular bin look the same and have a similar light output. Some manufacturers, e.g. Dedo, marks its lamps with the Bin number so you can match them and have the same color. As a lamp manufacturer you can of course cherry pick just the perfectly color neutral LED bins, but then you have to pay way more for them, because LED manufacturers want to sell all of their production. Arri, e.g. solved it by giving you the opportunity to set any color, hue and saturation, with its LEDs. That way you can compensate slight tints. On a side effect you can also create really colorful effects. The cheaper LED lights apparently will not do such things and that is why you can have three lights where two have a tint in green and or red.

    Just to mention it, another thing to watch out when buying LED lights is when you buy a powerful one, not talking about the tiny on camera lights, and it is not heavy, it means that the light does not cool down the LEDs as other comparable lights. LEDs need to be cooled, because they are not able at this point, to put out all the power in light, but create heat as well. Heat does not treat LEDs well, which is why you have to cool them to make sure they have a longer lifetime. So, a light and powerful LED lamp means that some of the LEDs will most likely lose brightness more quickly.

    You probably know that there are pink and green gels with which you can compensate for tints.

    Considering the Friday lives, I think they are useful. They give non pro-club members the chance of a live critique. I also agree that you can cut time on those quite a bit, but I do not think that you need to cut the time on the actual critique, but there is a lot of potential time to kill on what happens before and after you entered the “flow”. It might be a good idea to have a critique not like every week but once a month. Of course that will be a longer session then, but then you only say “hello” and “look who is here” and “what a crazy week it was” and “goodbye” once instead of four or five times in this month compared to a weekly edition.

    Just a last word considering the dance video. I totally missed the discussion around it. I think it is cool to learn from other peoples mistakes. But I also think that it very helpful to show an interpretation of ideal and also show how to get there as a second step to success. So people know what is good and what are all the elements that make it good. Maybe you already did that.
    Personally I prefer kick ass classes in the product photography realm and I am curious what you will hopefully produce for the 5dd photography edition as well as upcoming single classes.


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