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HDR Outline Tutorial: Example #1

HDR Outline Tutorial: Example #1

Below is a tutorial in pictures. I believe that simple visual materials are a more understandable way to learn. Please give me your feedback on how useful or clear it is. I plan to create e-book and IPad Applications this way, so any advice is very welcomed:-)

Before post-processing and after

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2 responses on "HDR Outline Tutorial: Example #1"

  1. I agree that the showing images and illustration are the best means to teach someone who is creative and thus a visual learner almost by default. However, and maybe you plan on doing this, I still want to read explanations as to why certain things were done at each step. For example, why do you choose to do your tone-mapping mostly in Photoshop instead of Photomatix (or HDR tool of choice). Is there an advantage I am unaware of? Is it solely for the purpose of taking those steps within Photoshop for the purposes of re-tone-mapping and masking for various areas of the image? I notice you’re keeping the file in 16-bit mode so I get that the data is there to push and pull around within Photoshop. Would be nice to read your rationals.

    • @David Fross,
      To be honest, in most cases I don’t know explanations:-) I just experiment with software and sliders, and orient on my taste. I do everything intuitive. Why then I am writing tutorials? I would like to show the direction, how to achieve the result I’ve got, what tools I’ve used, or just feed your curiosity:-) I am always wondering how something was made.

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