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Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, here is everything you need to know to use Photigy! We want to make your life a little easier and created this easy-to-follow guide to answer your most common questions, and navigate you through the user area on Photigy.

Answers to The Most Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up your account.

Step 1: If you are new to Photigy, simply click on “Log in” button, enter your Username and Password and you’ll get an access to your personal Dashboard.


Step 2: Once you’re already logged in, go to “Dashboard” to be able to see your activity on Photigy.

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Step 3: Click on “Courses”  to get an access to your Course list.

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Step 4: To manage profile settings and change your personal information go to “Profile” menu, where you can also find your Certificates of Accomplishment.

How do I report a user?

The Photigy community is a safe and positive environment and we try to keep it that way. If you would like to report a user for cyber-bullying, harassment, threats, impersonation, or solicitation please go to his/her profile page and click “Report User” button. Each report that is submitted will be reviewed and the appropriate actions will be taken.

Have a question about a course?

If you have a question about one of our courses or want to start a topic – go to a forum. We are here to help each other.


Asking questions Inside a course

How do I Cancel/Put on Hold my membership?

To cancel or place on hold your membership please go to your Profile > My Orders. There you will see an option to Cancel or Put on Hold.

How do I change/add my credit card

If your saved credit/debit card is expired and you need to update it during a purchase, please add to cart a product you want to buy and go  Shopping Cart > Checkout. There you will see an option to add a new credit card (or updated one), and save it for further uses.

How do I update/change my payment option?

Please go to your Profile > My Orders and select the product you need to update payment for.

Having a problem to Loggin In?
  • I can’t log in to my account, and getting a message that I am already logged-in.

Please make sure you are not logged-in to Photigy on another device. You can’t access Photigy from multiple locations at the same time.

I am a Pro Club member, what lessons/courses I have access to?

As a Pro Club member, you have access to all the materials under the Learn Menu: Pro Club, Studio Basics and CGI.

Please Note* Courses that are listed in the Store are not a part of the membership, those are stand-alone courses for individual purchase.

I am a Studio Basics member, what lessons/courses I have access to?

As a Studio Basics member you have access to everything under Studio Basic menu. Studio Basics lessons are marked with a green “Sb” icon at the top right corner.

Please Note* You don’t have access to the Pro Club library. Also, courses that are listed in the Store are not a part of the membership, those are stand-alone courses for individual purchase.

Didn’t find an answer to your question? Please submit it here and we will provide you with an answer as soon as possible!

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