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High-Speed Photography with Splashes, Flashes, and a Fish Tank by PhotoExtremist

High-Speed Photography with Splashes, Flashes, and a Fish Tank by PhotoExtremist

This is a very well done tutorial on how to get started on your own journey in splash and liquid photography. Created by Evan Sharboneau, owner of  PhotoExtremist.com. This video is really good, fast and very intuitive with cool results; exactly the way I would do it myself:-)


High-Speed Photography Tutorial with Splashes and Flashes

12 responses on "High-Speed Photography with Splashes, Flashes, and a Fish Tank by PhotoExtremist"

  1. Thanks for the demo Evan. I very recently discovered this amazing site and I want to thank you Alex for you vision. I’ve been hiding from my camera with no inspiration and BAMM here’s Photigy. Looking forward to being active in this community. Cheers from the Mickey Mouse Ears, Orlando, Florida (it’s raining today)

  2. Hi Alex!
    Yesterday I saw your video and the cool shots.
    Today I will present my first shot.
    I could not belive it, because I am a beginner!
    Many thanks to you, you inspire me very much!
    To all outher people out there:
    It is no magic to do it. Follow the steps in the video. You do not need expensive equipment!!!
    I am so lucky to meed Alex Koloskov!!
    (Please excuse my bad English)

  3. I Also tried this setup with tomato and capsicum at my home.see how it looks like


  4. Cool, this is a great video, I’m definitely gonna have a go at this myself. I saw something similar a few months ago requiring about 4 flashes, but this is a handier set up for sure. Just found your site, bookmarked it and looking forward to reading your tips! Cheers..

  5. I wish i had your photo equipment. Keep up the good work. Cheers

  6. You have to check this out ‘great engineering’ and a beautiful photo.


  7. You may need to update your link to photoextremist.com to not point to http://www.photigy.com/PhotoExtremist.com

  8. Koool! what is that alien hand stencil?

  9. Awesome Alex many thanks for sharing. I just can’t believe that I missed that guy on YTbe. Have a good one m8!

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