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Home-based Photography Studio: convenience and limitations

Photography studio inside your house: How much you can fit in it?

We had a home based (actually basement-based) studio for last 6 or 8 years, and it is time to move to another location. Before taking everything out I’ve recorded this video walk-around for¬†you.

Our Photo Studio

Studio size:

shooting area is 14x25x9 feet (width/length/height) A full basement is 1500 sq./ft

Pros and cons of having a studio in your home: our experience



  • No commute time
  • Work at any time (great for creative people – wake up at night and finish a shot:-)
  • Home-grade amenities at work
  • Works pretty well for tabletop and jewelry photography



  • Small¬†space for large stuff
  • Does not work well for big clients (we rented a larger studio when needed)
  • Not easy for throwing larger things in the air
  • Limited room for modifications (unless you are not going to sell your house¬†in next 20 years:-)

As you can see, the only issue with a home-based studio is size. Relatively low celling (hard to hang something), and hard to shoot jumping people in it. Works really well for the most of commercial product photography applications.

3 responses on "Home-based Photography Studio: convenience and limitations"

  1. 14x25x9 feet equals 4,3 x 7,6 x 2,7 meters (width, length, height)

  2. * That should be “quick movements,” not “quiche movements”!

  3. Alex! Google Glass? California??? YIKES!

    Leave the Google Glass in Georgia. (Seriously, it was difficult to watch the video with the quiche movements back and forth.) Move to Florida, instead! Scott Kelby will welcome you with open arms!

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