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How to photograph cosmetic with a DIY cone and two speedlites

How to photograph cosmetic with a DIY cone and two speedlites

Hi everyone! Today I’ll provide you through the process of shooting cosmetic can. 

In this article you’ll know how to use DIY cone for shooting highly reflective surfaces. You can create similar cone by yourself or buy the floor lamp in IKEA. It’s easy to use cone in many different scenarios, not only for shooting cosmetic stuff.

Every product photographer should deliver clear result for viewers. Using appropriate techniques will help you not only deliver outstanding pictures, but do it with ease. And that’s how you can achieve your goal.

The idea behind this shot is pretty simple. I got some nice cosmetic stuff in interesting packaging. It’s rounded and has kinda 2 layers structure. First layer is plastic sphere where actually creme is located. And 2nd layer is clear plexiglass.

I’ve tried to find a good reference images in the Internet. And how do you think how many I found? Zero.

Really, no good photos of this product. Just type in Google if you curious: “powercell helena rubinstein”.

Since that moment I realized that I have to rely on myself. I’ve tried to use diffusion panels on both sides of the creme. But the area which I should cover is supposed to be pretty big! The whole object acts like a cylindrical mirror, especially shiny cap. So I decided to use DIY cone. If we put something inside a cone, it will reflects only white surface, because cone is covers shooting object completely. There aren’t any gaps inside it, like when you shoot with few diffusion panels. Other side of “magic” cone is that you should to create a volume for your object. Otherwise any shiny surfaces will be look completely flat.

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7 responses on "How to photograph cosmetic with a DIY cone and two speedlites"

  1. Another fine tutorial, Thanks Andrey.
    A suggestion. Using pins to hold black strips works but is surely destructive of the cone. Try using small round magnets glued to the paper and held to the cone by another round magnet. by moving the outside magnet you also move the inside paper. I have even found dark colored magnetic strips in coils that can be cut to length in craft stores that can be used in a similar way. The strip magnets have a sticky side but I found it was not strong so glue was needed

  2. Awesome work and inspiring!

  3. Nicely done. Made that bottle beautiful. Great use of technique to achieve the desired results. :)

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