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How to Create Natural Looking Water Drops in Photoshop

Sometimes it’s faster and easier to create water drops then shoot them on a product. Sometimes it’s not even possible to shoot them because there’s no product to shoot or there’s no equipment for that task. I’d like to share a technique I use in such cases.

How to Create Natural Looking Water Drops in Photoshop

You will learn to:
• Use Bevel and Emboss layer effect in Photoshop
• Use Drop Shadow layer effect in Photoshop
• Create natural looking water drops by using these effects

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This is a tutorial from Photigy Studio Basics program

4 responses on "How to Create Natural Looking Water Drops in Photoshop"

  1. Thanks Ilya! Very simple and useful tutor. Awesome!

  2. Beautiful! Effect when at the end you paint the drops is amazing!

  3. Really excellent tutorial, thank you Ilya, I am going to try that technique.

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