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iPhone in-studio shot: retouching in Photoshop (real image quality)

I never would have expected that the video of a quick shot with “iPhone vs. Hasselblad in studio” would become so popular and go viral (more about this here).

Here is a second part of this iPhone vs. Hasselblad story. Many photographers responded to the original video saying, “Try printing it on a large scale and see what happens!” I totally agree. Hasselblad image quality will become evident immediately. However, this is not always as important as you might think, because in some situations, such as billboards, very high resolution files just aren’t necessary. More problematic are issues like JPEG artifacts or poor focus within the images.

Of course, the iPhone is not the best camera for a professional photographer, but let’s see how a decent image from an iPhone will look like after a short (12-minute) post-production effort. The video below is a sped-up version of what was actually a 12-minute retouch.

I also included the high-res retouched file to download and print for those who want to see it as an A3 print. Remember the 4Mpx Canon 1D? It was a true professional camera and images taken with it were printed quite large.


iPhone in-studio shot: retouching in Photoshop


Before and after post-production


The post-production was short; Genia performed her usual process for product images:

  • Alignment
  • Dust/spot cleaning (using Dust &Scratches filter on a masked layer)
  • Final “polishing” with Topaz De-Noize filer
  • Resize for web and sharpening after

The final high-res image out of the iPhone (for you to print) iPhone high-res image of glass with ice
Go ahead and print it and see yourself how good or bad it is:-)

iPhone in-studio shot: retouching in Photoshop (real image quality)


If you are going to use Topaz DeNoize filer (I can tell you it is the best for “polishing” metal and jewelry): 50% off Topaz Labs filters[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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2 responses on "iPhone in-studio shot: retouching in Photoshop (real image quality)"

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  2. Thanks for another excellent presentation. I will use the iPhone/Android block when necessary-very smooth. My plan is to make a short blog about smart ‘phone cams, compare quality to DSLR (about equal or better than DSLR in your discussion), etc. etc. Your (cited) work helped me organize part of my topic.

    When I am asked about camera quality, I say some early Pulitzer Prizes were won by folks using a KODAK Brownie, probably also with an INSTAMATIC. This movie proves that is still possible today (with training & experience). Smart ‘Phone cams seem to me to be the INSTAMATIC of today.

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