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Is Photography a Crime?

Watch the full length video


It was a great hangout, many thanks to our special guests, Carlos Miller and Alfie Goodrich for sharing their experience!
We were talking about legal issues and security threats which photographers dealing with when shooting on a public areas.

  • What are our rights?
  • What to do when security personel and police when they ask you to stop shooting but you know they do not have rights for this?
  • Can we use images with strangers and brand names on them?

These are some of the questions we have discussed.

Useful links:

US Department of Justice guidelines for cops when dealing with photographers







A little bit about our guests:

Carlos Miller is well-known fighter for photographer’s rights, Miami multimedia journalist who has been arrested three times for recording cops in public, won two cases and about to win the third one. He can tell us a lot on how to deal with authorities on a streets…
His blog: http://carlosmiller.com

Alfie Goodrich is a freelance photographer and photography teacher in Tokyo, Japan. He shoot a lot on a streets and can tell us many interesting things about his experience. Alfie’s blog: http://blog.alfiegoodrich.com

What would be your questions for our guests? Post them into the dedicated photigy forum topic and I’ll make sure we’ll cover them during the hangout.

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Thank you everyone who joined us!

2 responses on "Is Photography a Crime?"

  1. I just watched this. There is a lot of good info and interaction here. Thank you Alex for putting these together. I appreciate your studio teachings but this is good info too. This actually gave me a bit of hope, after feeling like doing photography in public, just for fun, was kind of a thing of the past due to the fear based mentality of so many people tying photography with terrorism.
    Thank you,

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